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Here is the Mulot AM.20 Sport.

The first example was built in 1925, registered O-BAFS and later OO-AFS. Its engine was a six-cylinder radial, maybe an Anzani (?)
The photographs show various modifications, for example in the shape of the fin and rudder, the wheels, or the propeller.
The same aircraft was photographed in 1937 with a different engine, perhaps a Pobjoy.

The second AM.20 was registered OO-LIL. It was described in Les Ailes 19 August 1937. It had a Train 60 hp six-cylinder inline engine. (For the engine mounted on OO-LIL, see the discussion in a later post.)
The article in Les Ailes says that the AM.20 could receive a Train 60 hp or a Cirrus Minor 85-90 hp engine.
Similar engines were mentioned for the AM.20 in an undated brochure by the "Ateliers de Constructions Aéronautiques Mulot & Ertag".

The same brochure also mentions a side-by-side cabin two-seater named Baugniet-Mulot-Ertag, offered by Mulot & Ertag "under license".
It was different from the AM.20, but its configuration is not known. It was offered with a DH Gipsy or Renault 120 hp engine.
It might have been designed by Lucien Baugniet, who was the owner of OO-AFS at some time in the 1930's.

About the fate of the two AM.20, registration lists by André Dillien say that they were sold to France, OO-AFS becoming F-BCZS in 1946 and OO-LIL being registered in the F-Axxx series in 1937. However the site Belgian Wings says otherwise: "OO-LIL was destroyed before 1940 while OO-AFS did not survive the war".

- BAMM no.46
- Les Ailes 19 August 1937:
- brochure at Collection Philippe Veys:
- registration lists by André Dillien: and


Nice find my dear Adrien,

and I know it before,but there is anther design,AM.220,do you hear about it ?.


Hi Hesham,
You are right, there was a Mulot A.M.220.

The designer André Mulot was a Frenchman, employed by SABCA in Belgium.
After WW2, the  first Mulot OO-AFS was modified in France as a two-seater with Cirrus 90 hp engine. It thus became the A.M.220, registered F-WCZS then F-PCZS. It was described in Les Ailes 11 October 1947 as the "Mulot-Sport A.M.220".

There was an article about André Mulot and his aircraft in Trait d'Union 235, but I don't have it. It is surely the best available source about these aircraft.
Incidentally, according to its description in the Trait d'Union index, it seems that the first aircraft O-BAFS was originally called "motoaviette Labor", not A.M.20.

- Les avions français de 1944 à 1964 by Pierre Gaillard
- Trait d'Union index:


Thank you my dear Adrien.


The Mulot registered O-BAFS first appeared as a parasol monoplane with 18 hp Vaslin engine, named the Mulot Labor. It was entered a the 1925 glider and light plane competition at Vauville.

There is a picture of the aircraft in its original configuration in the website
and another in Flight 13 August 1925: - 0521.html

Those photographs show considerable differences from the later configurations as OO-AFS.


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