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Hi all,

the most of you knows the real aircraft of Port Victoria like the P.V.2/5/7/8/9. Can anyone of you help with drawings and technical data for the aircraft projects of Port Victoria. I need help with P.V. 1, P.V. 3, P.V. 4 and P.V.6.
I believe the "Grain Griffon" was the P.V.10, is this correct?

Thanks all

Servus Maveric

I don't have much on the P.V. 1. The P.V.3 was not built and the P.V. 4 was I have nothing about a P.V.6


The last of Port Victoria aircraft was PV.9 fighter.


The PV.1 was a Sopwith Baby fuselage with modified wings and
enlarge floats.

The P.V.3 was to be a land-based two-seat fighter, design work began in early 1916. Source 'The Complete Book of Fighters' by Green and Swanborough published by Salamander.

The seaplane version of the P.V.3 became the P.V.4 powered by a 110hp Clerget in place of the intneded 150hp Smith "Static" radial engine. Gunner in the nose had a Lewis, it was a sesquiplane of the pod and boom configuration. CG problems forced its abandonment. Source as above.


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