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Just for completeness...

Caproni in Bulgaria

SFKB (Samoletna Fabrika Kaproni Bulgarski) or Airplane Factory Caproni, Bulgarian. The SFKB Kasanlak factory was originally completed (Dec 1926) as a Czechoslovakian Aero branch plant. It was bought by Caproni in 1930 (with a contract promising at least 10 years of use).

In Sep 1942, SFKB was nationalized and renamed DSF Kasanlak a branch plant of the Darzhavna Samoletna Fabrika or State Aircraft Factory (the main plant being Lovech).

Kaproni Bulgarski (SFKB) KB Designations

KB-1 --- Peperuda (Butterfly), 1932 Ca.100 development, 1 x 120hp Walter NZ radial, 7 built
KB-2UT - 1933 Ca.113 development, 1 x 250hp BMW IVa inline, 8 built
 - KB-2UTs re-engined with 230hp Junkers L-2 inlines or 250hp HS8Be V-8s
KB-2A -- Chuchuliga (Skylark), 1936 improved KB-2UT, 240hp Walter Castor radial, 6 built
KB-3 --- Chuchuliga I, 1937 improved KB-2A, 340hp Walter Castor II radial, 20 built
KB-4 --- Chuchuliga II, 1938 improved KB-3, 220hp Wright Whirlwind R-975 E-2, 28 built
KB-5 --- Chuchuliga III, 1939 improved KB-4, 450hp Walter Pollux II , 45 built
KB-6 --- Papagal (Parrot) 'KB-309', 1941 Ca.309 development, 2 x 240hp Argus As10C, 24 built
KB-7 --- [??]
KB-8 --- [??]
KB-9 --- [??]
KB-10 -- [??]
KB-11 -- 'Kvazimodo', 1940 high-winged recce monoplane, Alfa Romeo 126 RC 34, 1 prototype
 - KB-11-II, 1941 production model, 6 built
 - KB-11A Fazan (Pheasant), 1942, PZL-Bristol Pegasus XXI radial, 43 built


A great work from my dear Apophenia,

and I forgot to thank him sorry,some additions;

Ca.92    recce biplane;,2049.msg43278/highlight,caproni+92.html#msg43278

Ca.121   monoplane project
Ca.146  & Ca.179,I heard about them before,only I remember the Ca.179 was
transport aircraft
Ca.186   low-wing light aircraft
Ca.196   jet-trainer
Ca.333   a floatplane version of Ca.331

Many thanks for the additions Hesham!  I can't believe that I missed the Ca.92 and Ca.186  :P


Ca.87  was transatlantic aircraft developed from Ca.60.

Hi Apophenia,

Ca. 17 military utility aircraft 1913
Ca. 21 recce 1913
Ca. 23 bomber 1913
Ca. 26 to Ca. 29 military utility projects 1914 be continued


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