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From Italy,

For Regia,single engined attack aircraft, the rivals:
CANSA FC.12,Caproni Ca.355,Savoia SM.93 and Breda Ba.201.
and I mentioned that competition before also fot Regia,
twin engined reconniassance/attack aircraft,the rivals:Fiat CR.25,IMAM Ro-53,
Breda Ba-94 and Caproni Ca.150,Ca.160 and Ca.401.
the Caproni Ca.150 was developed into several projects,Ca.153,Ca.154,Ca.155
and Ca.156. do you any idea about them ?.
red admiral:
I can find pictures of all the attack aircraft with time.

SM.93 was a dive/torpedo bomber. Not really an attack aircraft like the others.

Fiat CR.25 was put into limited production, about 12 iirc, had good performance and excellent reliability. Used as a VIP transport and against Blenheims out of Malta.
Thanks Red Admiral,

yes the SM-93 was a twin engined dive bomber.
From Italy,
a very intersting competition I think most of the members don't know it;
for twin engined reconnaissance/bomber floatplane :CMASA RS-14,Caproni Ca.124,
Caproni-Reggiane Ca.410,Macchi MC.203,Piaggio P.110,IMAM Ro.55 and CANT Z-510.

  do you know those projects ?.
red admiral:
No, the SM.93 was a single-engined dive and torpedo bomber

The Fiat (CMASA is subsiduary) RS.14 was chosen for production, first flew 1938 and 152 produced.
sorry red admiral,

the Savoia SM-93 was a single engined dive bomber.
the Caproni Ca.153,Ca.154,Ca.155 and Ca.156 were twin engined fighters,
also Jona 11 was a twin engined fighter project,but do you know the CMASA
BS.12 multi-engined heavy bomber project ?.
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