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British Post WWII AFV series 200: Conqueror Heavy MBT and family
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Abraham Gubler:
Here is confirmation about the FV-215. From the FV Number List at:

FV201     "Universal Tank"     1949 (prototype only)     (A45) 17pdr gun (later 20pdr)
FV202    AVRE(T)         FV201 variant (projected). With Centurion type turret mounting a demolition gun. Intended to tow an AVRE trailer. Cancelled in favour of FV215A.
FV203    AVRE(L)         FV201 variant (projected). To carry assault bridge. Cancelled in favour of FV215A.
FV204    Universal flail         FV201 variant (projected)
FV205    SP Medium AT         FV201 variant (projected). Cancelled April 1949
FV206    SP Medium Artillery    FV201 variant (projected)
FV207    SP Heavy Artillery    FV201 variant (projected). 152mm main armament
FV208    Universal Bridgelayer    FV201 variant (projected). Bridge design used in FV4002
FV209    Universal ARV         FV201 variant (projected)
FV210    Heavy Artillery Tractor    FV201 variant (projected)
FV211    Medium Artillery Tractor         FV201 variant (projected)
FV212    Assault Personnel Carrier         FV201 variant (projected)
FV213    BARV         FV201 variant (projected)
FV214    Conqueror Heavy Tank    1955 - 1966    
FV215a    Heavy AVRE         FV201 variant (projected) fitted with mine roller
FV215b    Heavy AT         FV201 variant (projected). Heavy Gun Tank No. 2.
FV216    Mine Flail         FV201 variant (projected). Royal Engineers. Intended as replacement for FV204
FV217    SP 120 Medium AT         FV201 variant (projected)
FV219    ARV Mk I         FV201 variant . Eight completed. Superseded by FV222.
FV221    Caernarvon         Medium gun tank. FV201 variant.
FV222    Conqueror ARV Mk II    1960    
FV223    ARK         FV201 variant (projected)
Information and photographs available from the Tank Museum at Bovington (for a price) but mostly those already posted.
I've got a typed report somewhere.
The 183mm was an anti-tank gun or tank destroyer rather than a true tank.
One of a series to mount larger guns on lighter (relatively!) chassis of which the smallest was 20pdr on Cromwell chassis, the Charioteer.
PS the general problem was that the breech of the oversized gun would not fit inside the original turret ring, which led to a high turret which was necessarily more lightly constructed. IIRC the report had simple sketches to show the effects of this problem
Wonders will never cease. I found the report straight away!
2 pages with old faint photocopied profile diagrams - unscannable, sorry.
But they show that the turret fits on the (essentially Conqueror) turret ring, with the Commander and gunlayer alongside the gun. The large square part at the back houses the breech and two loaders; it's high enough for them to stand up.

One page of data, summary herewith:
Crew 5 Commander, driver, gunner, 2 loaders
Weight 60 tons
Length vehicle 25'2, gun to front 30'6
Ht 10'6, width oa 12' over tracks 11'8
Ground clearance 20ins
195ins of track on ground

Armament 180mm + 2 .30" mg 12 rounds of 180mm
turret ring dia 115in elevation 15deg, deprn 5deg;  traverse 90 degrees

turret front 10in basis
hull: glacis 10in, 6in at 55deg; nose 3in at 45deg;  sides 2in skirt;  floor 20mm + 16mm local mine protection. roof 1.25in
rear upper 3in, lower 1.5in

Max road speed 21.3mp;  vert obstacle 3ft;  max gradient 35degrees; trench 11ft;  shallow fording 4' 9in
Fuel 300 gal
Engine RR Meteor Mk12 12cyl 800bhp at 2800rpm
JFC Fuller:
Smurf, thank you very much that, I must admit that is a level of detail that I simply was not expecting, especially given the complete lack of information on the variants beyond those discussed here already!
It's a pity my diagrams are so very poor. I've looked at the larger one again, having opened the link in your first post.
1. It does show two loaders standing up
2. I was thinking of the Conway FV 4005 Stage 2 when I made the comment about the "large square part at the back"
3. My diagram actually shows a different turret, with the rear 2 or 3 feet of its roof sloping down slightly towards the rear.
The gun barrel is much lower than on FV4005, with a sizeable mantlet very near the tank forward top deck of the tank, than on FV 4005.
But the rear turret floor is lower than the forward tank deck - about level with the top of the tracks. It makes it fairly clear that all round traverse is not possible, and I'd say it depicts the mock-up shown in the link in your first post.
I hope I'm making myself clear?
The picture in your link appears on paper (but smaller and not so clear) in
"The British Tank - a photographic history 1916-1986" by Col George Forty (then of the Tank Museum)
That has lots of (small: approx 6 to an A4 page) pictures from the Tank Museum photo archive of prototypes and some mock-ups of various tracked vehicles, not all tanks. You can still get copies second hand for about 10 - see
In years gone by I used to get photocopies from their film strip catalogue - pictures about an inch square which allowed you to choose whether and which to have made into prints - but those were 6x4in or 7x5 and not exactly cheap. I don't know if they still do that.
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