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Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Kyushu Q3W Nankai
« Last post by lark on Yesterday at 10:54:03 am »
Good news ! Let June comes...

Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Spey A-4 Project
« Last post by TsrJoe on Yesterday at 10:45:15 am »
Flying Review International, March 1966
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Luftwaffe: Secret Designs of the Third Reich
« Last post by EPMUC on Yesterday at 10:08:01 am »
The digital edition of Luftwaffe Secret Designs of the Third Reich is available from Pocketmags here:
Got it already. Its a very interesting Book.
To me, the modification looks like it was intended as an aerodynamic test bed, rather than as a functioning turret. If so, the "barrels" might be dummies intended for measuring drag, interference with airflow over the wing, etc. The previously mentioned Loire 30 seems to have served in a similar role, becoming the Loire 301 with a very similar turret. See:

I agree
Aerospace / Re: Future Combat Air System (FCAS)
« Last post by mrmalaya on Yesterday at 09:39:50 am »
Don't know if you were replying to me, but I was referencing the idea that the UK buying so many F35s in the future was making it hard for anyone to justify building a big, advanced UCAV with France... and I wondered if a bigger fleet of Typhoon would instead require a more complex UCAV (as the French want to help Rafale) or just a loyal wingman (as they are reportedly looking at now)?
Patent Pending / Re: Daimler-Benz Strange Airplane of 1943-1945
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 09:23:14 am »
Thank you my dear Schneiderman.
Patent Pending / Re: Daimler-Benz Strange Airplane of 1943-1945
« Last post by Schneiderman on Yesterday at 08:37:46 am »
Well, the patent description says the fuselage construction is for any aircraft with small transverse section, for example a fighter.  The drawing does look more like a racer.

Here is another patent by Bela Barenyi for the design of cockpits, observers cupolas and gunners turrets
Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Autogyro Cavalry
« Last post by jsport on Yesterday at 08:16:02 am »
While the West made pretty pictures and precious little practical hardware, elsewhere they developped a practical autogyro.
The Shaanxi "Hunting Eagle" gyrocopter was in field tests in 2014.

Just imagine swarms of those in your logistics areas...
Or a dozen spec ops operators with silent-engine versions of it.
frightening for real
"The Army is looking at hypersonics as game changer in its No. 1 modernization priority: long-range precision fires," Esper said.

Hypersonic weapons can fire rounds or a projectile hundreds of miles, he said. "That gives us an incredible ability to reach out and hurt an adversary or at least to hold him at bay," he said. Further, it would buy time for maneuver forces to secure objectives on the battlefield.

Projectiles of hypersonic weapons travel at speeds of Mach 5 or more using a supersonic combustion ramjets."

Artillery needs to eclipse Aviation as the premiere. This has been projected by DSB  since the early 2000s.

Modern & Future IADS are too dangerous. The ultimate low cost disposable armed swarm UAV is a guided artillery shell (for targets not in complex terrain) .
Patent Pending / Daimler-Benz Strange Airplane of 1943-1945
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 07:30:36 am »
My dear Tophe discovered this amazing aircraft,and he suggested it was a racer airplane
looks like FW.190,any idea ?.
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