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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Myasishchev M-60
« Last post by Triton on Yesterday at 04:50:08 pm »
Model of Myasischev M-60PVTS displayed at MAKS-2015

Aerospace / Re: Lockheed Martin F-35: News ONLY topic
« Last post by NeilChapman on Yesterday at 04:47:43 pm »
Why does it cost money to upgrade software from 2B to current_released code? We update modules routinely with new code for no cost to the end_user? Unless it is also hardware... But I don't think it is. Spending a couple hours re-flashing the ECUs is just hours*employee_hourly_rate. I don't get it...
Block 3 runs on the newer TR2 processor. Block 3i was Block 2B rewritten to run on the TR2 processor. Block 3i and later Block 3F can't be run on the older TR1 processor.

This is nonsensical. Why go to the trouble and expense of engineering modules with TR1 processor when you know the final version of software for the end product (being the aircraft) will require a TR2 processor? I work in EE these days on vehicular electronics modules... Do you know the time and money it takes to change processors? It is huge! If this were my company, this would be called incompetence and waste. Even if the new processor is just a variant of the previous, the testing/validation/verification costs and time are the same as a totally new processor.

They either didn't know or the "package" wasn't yet available.  Probably a combination of the two.  Recall the code is still being written.  What the F-35 does has never been done before in this way.  There just isn't a way to develop "knowing" how everything is going to work before hand.  e.g. You have to have the plane built to know how the software is going to "work" in the total package.

Everything gets upgraded.  There's going to be an engine upgrade in a couple of years.  It's not incompetence or waste.

Military / Re: Boeing CHAMP Missile Completes 1st Flight Test
« Last post by George Allegrezza on Yesterday at 03:55:37 pm »
Navy/USAF joint HPM strike effort now named HiJENKS.
The Bar / Re: 'UFO' sighting over Marseilles/Istres
« Last post by sublight is back on Yesterday at 03:31:11 pm »

Apparently these guys in Arizona have been seeing your mystery craft as well.
Just dreams,who will do this ?.
Aerospace / Re: NPL Research Biplane Design
« Last post by robunos on Yesterday at 02:24:59 pm »
That explains it, my copy is the later edition, printed on bond paper, and with lower print quality . . .

Military / Re: Solid State Laser News
« Last post by fredymac on Yesterday at 01:50:49 pm »
Lockheed Athena fiber laser (30KW) vs UAVs.

User Artwork / My Aviation art
« Last post by BAROBA on Yesterday at 01:33:46 pm »
Hi all,
Here is a selection of aviation art I made over the years.

Some of you might know my work from a few books I worked on.
Dragon's wings and Camm's last fighter projects are a few I have donated 3d-renders for.
Lately I am helping out our own Scott Lowther ( Orionblamblam) with providing renders for his USxP-series of booklets.
Let me know what you think of the renders :)


Sounds more like active cancellation to me, actually.
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