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Military / Re: Littoral Combat Ship - Freedom/Independence
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 06:55:13 am »
LCS 4 conducts Harpoon firing against over-the-horizon target using MQ-8B and MH-60S for spotting.

USS Coronado Hits Target With Lethal, Harpoon Missile During Training Near Guam
"The Littoral Combat Ship USS Coronado (LCS 4) conducted a successful live-fire of the harpoon block 1C missile off the coast of Guam Aug 22, striking a surface target at significant distance beyond the ship's visual range."
Aerospace / Re: MIG fifth generation light fighter
« Last post by sferrin on Today at 06:28:32 am »
Hi everyone Im courious what the current status is of the so called LMFI or light multirole fighter of the MIG design buro.
 I know the Mikoyan designing buro is working on two new aircraft types,one project is a new type interceptor to replace the MIG-31
 this type is certainly ordered by the Russian airforce.
 But they are also rumours that they also planned a second project named the LMFI an light weight multirole combat aircraft to succeed
 the MIG-35 4++ generation fighter.
 Ill hope somebody can inform of this project will be serously developed or not

According to the current issue of Air International, MiG are self financing the LMFI themselves and without a launch customer, further information from the box out in the MiG-29 article states that the fighter will be a twin-engined canard delta using two Klimov engines and they are also planning a single engined design too possibly using the same engine as the Su-57.

Sounds like a mini-J-20.  I wonder if they'll look at collaborating with China.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Avro Pre-1945 Projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 06:15:24 am »

Avro also submitted a proposal for Spec. B.20/40,but no more Info is available ?.
More about the Air Wibault 100, from Avions N97 and 99:

With the text.
Aerospace / Re: MIG fifth generation light fighter
« Last post by totoro on Today at 05:55:13 am »
I'd say both the next light fighter from MiG and their MiG-41 project are paper planes, with some preliminary design and engineering done, possibly some scaled mock up wind tunnel tests. But it's as much as one can do with own money, and a limited budget. Actual development won't start until there is a customer for either of the projects, a customer that will hand over serious money (billions+ for a development of existing designs, 10 billion+ for a clean sheet design).

Aerospace / Beriev Be.12 Over Egypt in Early 1970s
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:45:15 am »

it's new for me that,the Beriev Be.12 operated over my country in early 1970s to
make surveillance on the United States Navy's 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean,and
here is a drawing and picture.

Avions 91

we forget to talk about RAF D. of R (Directorate of Research) specifications,and they were
a 12 issues;

D of R.1     ------?
D of R.2     ------?
D of R.3     recce aircraft; DH-30,DH-31 & DH-41 and Avro-?
D of R.3A   recce aircraft; DH-35 and Avro-?
D of R.4     long-range twin engined bomber; HP-24 Hyderabad and Vickers Virginia
D of R.4B   long-range single engined bomber; Avro-549 Aldershot,DH-?,HP Type-X
D of R.5     ------?
D of R.6     single seat shipboard fighter; DH-33,Avro-?,Fairey ?
D of R.7     deck-land recce aircraft; Blackburn R.1 Blackburn
D of R.8     deck-land torpedo carrier; Blackburn T.2 Dart and HP-19
D of R.9     coastal defence torpedo bomber; DH-36Blackburn T.4 Cubaroo,Avro-556 &
D of R.10   ------?
D of R.11   ------?
D of R.12   troop carrier; DH-28 and Vickers Victoria

It's misery and disappoint that we in 21 century and those Specifications are still missing ?.
Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by FighterJock on Today at 05:02:37 am »
Elon Musk has revealed the first official photo of SpaceX's space suite.
The Bar / Re: Nuclear Weapons - Discussion.
« Last post by sferrin on Today at 04:32:04 am »
Even the Korean War didn't result in a general war between the US and China.  I have difficulty believing China would go to war over a couple of precision air strikes.  Much like the hysteria when Russia came to Syria's aid, when it came right down to it, China would do little.

The following article from The Japan Times seems to support the idea that the People's Republic of China would not intervene in a limited war against North Korea. However, I am just not convinced that the war would remain limited to "a couple of precision airstrikes" and not escalate into a major regional war.

That's usually the fear but it's not really borne out by recent history.  Limited strikes have been used against Libya (several times), Syria, Iraq (Osirak), and others without escalating into a major war.  Hell, Turkey even shot down a Russian fighter and now they're getting S-400s.  China doesn't want a war with the US. The US isn't interested in starting a war with China.  NK is a pain in the side of BOTH.  If the US notified China that, "in 20 minutes we're hitting NK's nuclear and ballistic missile production", I think they'd watch and wait to see what happened.  I don't think they'd be even tempted to intervene unless we went after NK's government as well.


Specification   Requirement   Subject   Contractor    Aircraft   Remarks
Type I      Fighter, ABC Dragonfly engine   Armstrong Whitworth   Ara   
         BAT   Basilisk   
         Nieuport   Nighthawk   
         Siddeley   S.R.2 Siskin   
         Sopwith   Snapper   
         Sopwith   Snark   
Type IA      Long-distance (high altitude)   BAT   Bantham   
         Westland   Wagtail   
Type II      Two seat fighter   Bristol    Type 23 Badger Mk.I   
Type III      Two seat fighter   Austin   Greyhound   
         Bristol   Type 69   Project
         Westland   Weasel   
Type IIIA      Two seat fighter   Armstrong Whitworth   Wolf   
         Avro   Avro 532   Project
         Bristol   Type 70   Project
Type IIIB      Two seat fighter   Avro   Avro 532   Project
Type IV      Twin engined bomber   Avro    Avro 523 Pike   
         Avro   Avro 533 Manchester   
         Boulton Paul   P.7 Bourges   
         de Havilland   DH.11 Oxford   
         Sopwith   Cobham   
Type IVB      Two seat fighter   Avro   Avro 532   Project
         Avro   Avro 549 Aldershot Mk.I   
Type VI      Twin engined bomber   Avro    Avro 523 Pike   
         Avro   Avro 533 Manchester   
         Boulton Paul   P.7 Bourges   
         de Havilland   DH.11 Oxford   
         Sopwith   Cobham   
Type VII      Night Bomber   Avro   Avro 523 Pike   
         Nieuport   London   
Type VIIA         Avro   Avro 555 Bison   
Type VIII      Bomber   Avro    Avro 533 Manchester   
         Boulton Paul   P.7 Bourges   
         Bristol   Type 24/25 Braemaer   
         Bristol   Type 68   Project
         de Havilland   DH.11 Oxford   
         Sopwith   Cobham   
Type IX      Medium bomber   Avro   Avro 556   Project
         Bristol   Type 71   Project
         de Havilland   DH.14 Okapi   
Type XI      Heavy bomber   Siddeley   Sinaia   
Type XII                5/20
Type XX         Glochestershire    Nightjar   
Type XXI      Two seat amphibian fighter   Avro   Avro 541   Project
         Boulton Paul   P.11   Project
         Bristol   Type 35   Project
         Fairey   Pintail   
Type XXII      Single seat carrier based torpedo bomber
(ex N.1B, re-issued 1920)   Blackburn   Blackburd   
         Blackburn   T.1 Swift   
         Short   Shirl   
Type XXX      Flying boat   Short   Cromarty   
         Vickers   Valentia   
Type XXXII      Prototype training seaplane   -   -   (cancelled 1918) - Short Sporting Type produced to this specification
Type XXXIII      Four engined long range flying boat   Fairey   N.4   
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