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User Artwork / Re: My Aviation art
« Last post by Silencer1 on Today at 05:51:18 am »
Thanks for expanation, Rob!

The wheels on the F-18 are indeed not completely round. They are built from a low amount of polygons.

This picture was also looks nice, in the terns of color comination and aircraft' perspective. The level of detailziation, of course is the subject of model's purpose. Using it in the game requires different number of them, then to rendering for print.

I'm looking forward for your's another drawings. Good luck!
At Red flag when Typhoons "shot down"  F-22 raptors at close range, are stealth aircraft like f-35/22 able to be tracked at such close ranges i.e.- dogfighting/WVR ranges, or do these 5th gen aircraft still give radars problems tracking at close range?

Also, another question , do modern aircraft with limited "AI" such as the Pakfa, Typhoon, F-22/35 have automatic targeting systems at close range to assist the pilot in dogfight engagements? I know the f-15 was tested with computer assisted gun system which was very effective even at maximum gun ranges- but pilots "objected to it"? The situation is probably different nowadays where aircraft are all but entirely flown by computers. Anybody have any real knowledge about this?
Avionics / Re: F-4 Phantom II Avionics
« Last post by Boxman on Yesterday at 08:03:12 pm »
Posted by Jeff Quitney at YouTube, a September 1967 US Air Force film regarding use of the Phantom's Applied Technology Inc. (ATI) AN/APR-25 Radar Warning Receiver and AN/APR-26 Launch Warning Receiver against Soviet-made Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) and radar systems then used by the North Vietnamese.

YouTube - Jeff Quitney: "F-4 Phantom II Radar & Anti-SAM Tactics 1967 US Air Force; Vietnam War"
User Artwork / Re: My Aviation art
« Last post by royabulgaf on Yesterday at 07:52:14 pm »
Really like them, especially the one of the 50s USAF bomber.  I like the pink tint of the clous, reflecting on the aircraft.  My neighbor has a bunch of Maxfield Parrish prints and it reminds me of them with your use of color.
User Artwork / Re: Kogiken Plan II
« Last post by BAROBA on Yesterday at 01:55:42 pm »
Nice work :)
Keep them coming :)
User Artwork / Re: My Aviation art
« Last post by BAROBA on Yesterday at 01:53:52 pm »
Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated :)

The wheels on the F-18 are indeed not completely round. They are built from a low amount of polygons.
The whole plane is just 10,000 polygons ( triangles) and was intended to be used in a game. ( but that never happened)
In a game you will never see the wheels close-up, and usually they are in shadows. Also when the wheels are rotating, you wouldn't see the too low amount of polygons anyway.
If it was for a modern game, the wheels would need to have some more details, but 5 years ago, the wheels would be fine. Modern games have a much higher polygon-count then this old model. (50,000 to 75,000)


User Artwork / Re: CANSA FC.22A
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 06:26:29 am »
My dear Zeroc,

I am still confuse,was there CANSA FC.22 or not ?.
Propulsion / Re: Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology (ADVENT)
« Last post by flateric on September 23, 2017, 09:35:16 pm »
Alternative History and Future Speculation / Re: Bundeswehr Harriers
« Last post by Foo Fighter on September 23, 2017, 06:34:34 am »
Facts please.
British Pathe newsreel footage of the Duo-6 (NX962Y) demonstrating its ability to fly on one engine.

YouTube - British Pathé - "Safety Plane Flies On One Engine (1930-1939)"

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