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Posted in pic USN361
Thank you Justo !
Can you tell us the source for the drawings and tables, that aren't from you, please ?
Naval Projects / Re: never realized projects of Japanese destroyers ww2
« Last post by Tzoli on Yesterday at 01:20:31 pm »
Well Shimakaze's engines were first prototyped in IJN Amatsukaze and based on those refined for Shimakaze.
I think many WW2 Japanese project data was lost during the war when the USAF bombed their cities with incendiary bombs.
We lack knowledge of the pre Yamato (A-140) project numbers as well as the 9 project number following it to the A-150 aka Super Yamato.
And I start to question that the B-65 Battlecrusier / Large Cruiser / Super Type A Cruiser would had a Nelson style bridge as depicted in naval books.

The info on their cruiser projects likewise scarce so oes some of their large carrier projects.
Naval Projects / Re: never realized projects of Japanese destroyers ww2
« Last post by T-50 on Yesterday at 12:46:32 pm »
Hi Tzoli
thanks for this very interesting information! much of this information is new to me.
For example I did not know that the Japanese navy had plans to build further development types of the Akizuki and Matsu class destroyers.
 Further I Always thought that the Shimakaze was the dead end of this destroyer class only ment for trying out new propulsing engines and hull shapes,any way as I early in my replay said this is amazing interesting info!
Some additional info here...
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Dornier projects
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 09:09:05 am »
From Avions 101,

unfortunately the picture is not completed to know what was Dornier Do.22 took
from a "P" designation ?.
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