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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: FMA IA-38
« Last post by Triton on Today at 11:27:36 am »
Before someone gets confused: That is a twin engined design, just two sketches overlaid.

So, it looks like an HG-II or HG-III study, but without the increased sweep to the tail, and with the engines faired into the underside of the fuselauge rather than embedded in the wing roots? Interesting!
Space Projects / Re: Space X Interplanetary Transport System
« Last post by Orionblamblam on Today at 10:33:08 am »

NASA should do one thing (as NACA did): research! Nice, vital, SAFE (no one gets killed), research.

So long as by "research" you include "sending unmanned *AND* manned missions to everywhere where there is a where."

NASA should be saying "we want to land ten astronauts on the surface of Mars by 2025, and return them safely to Earth by 2028." What NASA should *not* say is "we want to send ten astronauts to Mars using the VASIMR (or NERVA, or Orion, or EM drive, or what-the-frak-ever) technology."

Do tech developments. Do missions. But do them separately. If Technology XYZ really is the greatest thing ever, then once NASA develops it, Boeing and LockMart and SpaceX will all race to incorporate it into their missions. If Technology XYZ turns out to be a bust, the mission can still go forward, because you didn't baseline XYZ.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / FMA IA-38
« Last post by Triton on Today at 10:28:31 am »
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Messerschmitt Me-P-308 "Jet Taifun"
« Last post by Triton on Today at 10:17:55 am »
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