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Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Nakajma Ki-44-III?
« Last post by windswords on Today at 05:22:55 am »
Hi Block,

I like what you did with the Ki-43-III speculative drawing. If you want to refine it further try to add individual exhaust stubs (see the previous images in this thread). Also you can double check the scale of your drawing with the dimensions of the Ho-203 that Blackkite provided. Welcome to the forum!
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: FX Competition (F-15 alternatives)
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:13:41 am »
Nice find my dear Circle-5.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Georges Sablier info┤s needed
« Last post by Cy-27 on Today at 05:01:17 am »
Did you visit the Vieilles Toiles site?

Thanks dan_inbox for the link. A new one for me, time to dust-off the French translator software!
What is known: this model came from General Dynamics Fort Worth.
What is speculative: this might be an FX study.

Any additional info is welcomed (3-views, renderings, photographs of the actual airplane in flight, etc.)

Thank you.

It seems to be identical to the General Dynamics Tailormate study "B3" configuration as noted in my F-16 Evolution article (page 4). That doesn't preclude it also being the final fixed wing FX design as well, in fact I think it is rather probable that it was.
Space Projects / Re: Skylon Spaceplane
« Last post by AndrewN on Today at 02:43:39 am »
Yes, they have and most welcome it is too. It's interesting that both the Americans and the Europeans have seen promise enough to put money up to investigate the capability of the SABRE concept.
One point about the Skylon engine location, a major problem with HOTOL that they could never sort out was the centre of gravity/centre of pressure mismatch caused by all the mass of the propulsion at the rear of the vehicle. Skylon's mid postion location of the engines was an attempt to solve this problem. Of course this brings own issues, such as exhaust impingement on the rear fuselage.
Space Projects / Re: Skylon Spaceplane
« Last post by steelpillow on Today at 01:40:52 am »
DARPA have already picked up the next expense, building a high-temperature test facility to simulate the compression-heated air hitting the precooler.

If the US don't follow it up with a small-scale drone testbed, nobody else will.

I don't know whether it's depressing or flattering when I see my contributions to Wikipedia copy-pasted all over fan  web sites under the pretence of originality.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Georges Sablier info┤s needed
« Last post by dan_inbox on Today at 12:05:51 am »
It looks like the "Avionette Ó faible puissance Sablier type 4".

Did you visit the Vieilles Toiles site?

Here is a photo of a later homebuilt by an amateur.
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