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Indeed ! I think, it's more a kind of quite hastily sketched idea, not really a technical drawing.
For that matter I've just noticed the pylon/glider fuselage is offset to the left in the front view, while the wings appear to have different angles of dihedral.
In this competition,also Vickers Type-212,Bristol Type-115 & Type-116,Fairey and
Boulton Paul P.40 were involved.
Missile Projects / Re: Lockheed L-159
« Last post by XP67_Moonbat on Yesterday at 10:24:52 pm »
Totally forgot about this one.
I agree to both points !
The reason for the inconsistency with regards to the front view may be, that the internal
allocation of bombs and fuel cell in the glider seems to have been added later. The bombs
aren't even shown with a circular cross section, but just drawn in freehand.
Reply #15 by Madoc shows a bigger image of the same painting. Art by Daniel Bechennec.
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