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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Mirage 4000
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:30:51 am »

a new article is on Le Fana 4/2019 about it,a two-seat version and  a different armaments is
appeared,also a cutaway by colors to see all details.
Naval Projects / Re: Chinese Nuclear Powered Icebreaker Project
« Last post by gTg on Today at 03:14:42 am »
What could the Chinese learn from operating a reactor on a ship,  that they can't from operating one on a submarine?
Here it is.
This is my artwork of the original XP-80 "Lulu Belle" on its first flight realized for the late Steve Pace's book:

Not prototype. Only illustration from my cooperation with David Myhra
Lockheed Skunk Works by Jay Miller has this drawing by Charles Fleming... probably the one you are thinking of _Del_. Not a Lockheed original but probably more accurate than the one in the Smithsonian book
Can offer this, but I'm otherwise no help.

I feel like I had a book with the 3-view (along with L-133 info), but I can't find it. Possibly I am mistaken or it is in a box in the attic.

Good luck to you!
Are we talking about the same thing??

Seems not. Never mind, then.
The Smithsonian's Famous Aircraft of the NASM, Vol. 3, has a 3-view of the XP-80 in first configuration on its endpapers. Do you have that one?
What I need is the original XP-80 - shorter, different intakes, squared-off wing tips, etc.

Are we talking about the same thing??

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