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Space Projects / Re: Skylon Spaceplane
« Last post by merriman on Today at 05:14:49 pm »
Chestley Bonestell, call your office.

Space Projects / Re: Skylon Spaceplane
« Last post by Rhinocrates on Today at 04:50:37 pm »
This has been covered upthread, but giving it a bump.

BAE Systems has invested in Reaction Engines and has developed concept of a hypersonic strike aircraft that uses SABRE. The notable thing about the design is that it separates the intake and rocket components and bypasses the problem of the hot plume damaging the sides of the vehicle. It is an aircraft and not a spaceplane - but Reaction Engines is called Reaction Engines and not Skylon Corp because they acknowledge that they don't have the capital to develop a complete spaceplane, but have a propulsion concept that is applicable to a spaceplane among other things. The AFRL also has an interest in the engine for the first stage of a 2STO system.

I see!! Many many thanks gentlemen. :D
Yes I want,Scrutor.
I found this at my library.  If anyone wants more information or a better scan, I can do that.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Messerschmitt projects
« Last post by newsdeskdan on Today at 02:50:27 pm »
official bf 109 Z drawing(that all official drawing we have for the bf 109 Z:

Yes Sgeorges

Ha, really? No. I've got a couple. So does whoever wrote that piece on the Me 309 for Klassiker der Luftfahrt. The drawing they've used is from the same report. Here's a couple of pages from it. To be fair, that drawing you've shown is pretty accurate.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Messerschmitt projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 02:47:11 pm »
official bf 109 Z drawing(that all official drawing we have for the bf 109 Z:

Yes Sgeorges
Space Projects / Re: Skylon Spaceplane
« Last post by steelpillow on Today at 01:29:40 pm »
One point about the Skylon engine location, a major problem with HOTOL that they could never sort out was the centre of gravity/centre of pressure mismatch caused by all the mass of the propulsion at the rear of the vehicle. Skylon's mid postion location of the engines was an attempt to solve this problem. Of course this brings own issues, such as exhaust impingement on the rear fuselage.
Posted earlier but seemingly taken down, here is a lower-res version of the SABRE system diagram:

Note how most of the gubbins is miles from the combustion chamber.
The obvious thing to do is what Frank Halford did to the Whittle jet when he turned it into the de Havilland Goblin - he straightened out all the kinks in the pipework and designed the thing around the airflow. It made for a longer engine, but a far more practical one. Do the same to the SABRE and you end up with a forward intake-cooler-turbine section, a pipe full of compressed stuff surrounded by widgetry, and a rear combustion chamber. This long, lean SABRE would improve the balance of HOTOL by moving the intake section forward, while improving SKYLON by also moving the rocket chamber aft. A halfway design, having just a stub rear fuselage, might just cut it.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: FX Competition (F-15 alternatives)
« Last post by circle-5 on Today at 11:52:57 am »
It seems to be identical to the General Dynamics Tailormate study "B3" configuration as noted in my F-16 Evolution article (page 4). That doesn't preclude it also being the final fixed wing FX design as well, in fact I think it is rather probable that it was.

Thank you Overscan

I love your F-16 report.  Just didn't think of looking at LWF material for FX data.  As always, you nailed it.

These airplane models always look a lot better to me, when I can put them in their proper historical context.  Now I need to find a model of the earlier GD FX study with VG.
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