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3D projection of MIG 1.44 in the Russian magazine "Techworld for teens" ("The world of technology for children" ) 9 2017. This is a new Russian children's magazine, but it is very militaristic. Many articles about military equipment. In Soviet times, all children's magazines were about PEACE technology.
:))! I absolutely can not understand: why did the Russian censorship put on the children's technical journal the age limit of "12+" ?! Yes, the news: the Russian censorship put on the Russian version of the magazine "National Geographic" age limit "18+"! This is October number 2017 about sharks, greenhouses of the Netherlands and African elephants. Sharks and elephants for Russia now - pornography ?! The planet Earth laughs and falls from the chair.
I posted the following in the dedicated Valor-thread some time ago:,19036.msg185709.html#msg185709

Some thoughts regarding hover efficiency and dimensions of the V-280:
The UH-60L has a rotor diameter of 16,36m, a disc area of 210m and disc loading of 47,5kg/m (@9980kg grossweight).
Despite the Osprey is a completely diffrent weight class, it has the same disc area (211m). The rotors of the MV-22B are 11,6m in diameter.
For good hover efficiency we can assume the V-280 must have a similar rotor diameter to achive the Blackhawks (low) discloading. That would imply a wingspan of ~14m and width of ~26m with turning rotors! (same as the Osprey)
...yes, the V-280 doesnt need to transfer power to a tailrotor or other anti torque device, but the downwash on the wings is a design penalty of tiltrotor aircraft and reduces powered lift.
Just as a side note, the Osprey has a disc loading of 102kg/m  :o

Btw, the latest pics of the tech demonstrator's proprotors suggest that they are borrowed from the Osprey  ;)

Regards, Michael
Aerospace / Re: Boeing Confident in Production of Super Hornet Beyond 2017
« Last post by Trident on Yesterday at 06:29:44 pm »
Yup, IIRC they even have certain parts made out of titanium rather than aluminium to enable that rating. Part of the impressive visuals in that video is also that you have a varied background to judge the speed of its motions against.

I've seen them do some of that stuff at Axalp, and it ranks among my favourite aviation memories :)
aerial display in Switzerland and shows maneuvering performance I haven't seen in previous F-18 displays.

Might have to do with the Swiss Classic Hornets (late 90s production) having a max. G-rating of 9+ instead of the earlier US Navys 7.5+ limit and having no angle-of-attack limiter.

Im not 100% sure but I think the Finnish Hornets have the same capability.
Aerospace / Re: JMR (Joint Multi-Role) & FVL (Future Vertical Lift) Programs
« Last post by yasotay on Yesterday at 03:56:51 pm »
The Valor is ~4.0 feet wider than the H-60.  So not a great difference.  That said remember the V-280 IS NOT a prototype for the FVL program. The requirements for that program are still in the works, regardless, of what Bell, Boeing, Sikorsky, or Lockheed says.  V-280 and SB>1 are both technology demonstrators.

That said, barring big changes to the requirements,  I would expect both teams to use the demonstrators as  the base for their proposals.
Aerospace / Re: JMR (Joint Multi-Role) & FVL (Future Vertical Lift) Programs
« Last post by TomS on Yesterday at 01:00:18 pm »
Does anyone know if there is a comparison of the rotor area of the UH-60 and the rotor area of the V-280 and of the likely minimum size of a safe landing zone?

The attached PDF (from the Bell website) claims it's comparable. Their drawing shows more width, but suggests they need less separation, so the actual number  of aircraft that can fit in an LZ is the same.

Aerospace / Re: T-X - A Future USAF Trainer
« Last post by TomS on Yesterday at 12:54:41 pm »
Meantime, at #SETP conference...

Is it common these days to flight test aircraft without landing gear doors?

Looks like Scorpion did it too.  I guess if you don't plan to raise the landing gear, it's one drag item you can take off.
Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by TomS on Yesterday at 12:52:05 pm »
It will be streamed.

Lets hope they also stream the speech on the SpaceX main website or their YouTube site, not many of us have Twitter accounts or want one.

Sounds like it's going to be on the Australia Science Channel website:

The Bar / Re: Boeing X-32/F-32 JSF videos
« Last post by ScrutorAudax on Yesterday at 11:25:27 am »
Thank you so much.  Do you know of any other good sources of information about the X-32 (other than the "Boeing JAST / JSF / X-32 projects" thread)?
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