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The Bar / Re: Boeing X-32/F-32 JSF videos
« Last post by ScrutorAudax on Today at 11:25:27 am »
Thank you so much.  Do you know of any other good sources of information about the X-32 (other than the "Boeing JAST / JSF / X-32 projects" thread)?
The Bar / Re: 'UFO' sighting over Marseilles/Istres
« Last post by The Last Starfighter on Today at 10:56:27 am »
Possible it seems inflated wing at the first view, but the mystery coudn't be solved really because the surface couldn't be seen, and the dimensions are too big in between 50 and 100 hundred meters for the little size project NEURON.

The acoustic technology is advanced, i'm living in town and the noice of the town could cover the two jet engines( if there are two jet engines in!).
The translation speed is near 200 kilometers /hour ( sorry it seems a silent flight.

For the camera i'm going to buy a OSD camera for security with spectral definition of the object.
it's a........   Sorry .......   UFO catcher who help UFO researcher in France.

This system can't be scrambled by any systems known.i can only do this at this time with one or two photos or better a film we could indentify the outlines and start new discussions.

We are on secret projects and this is a secret project

See you soon
Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by FighterJock on Today at 08:21:29 am »
It will be streamed.

Lets hope they also stream the speech on the SpaceX main website or their YouTube site, not many of us have Twitter accounts or want one.
The Bar / Re: Learning Russian : fascinating but quite difficult !
« Last post by XB-35 on Today at 07:26:52 am »
Hi All,

I attend russian curses two evenings a week.  My teacher is not Russian but an efficient Translator-Interpretator.

Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by flanker on Today at 05:54:11 am »
It will be streamed.
Aerospace / Re: T-X - A Future USAF Trainer
« Last post by Airplane on Today at 05:03:17 am »
Meantime, at #SETP conference...

Is it common these days to flight test aircraft without landing gear doors?
The Bar / Old Fashioned Firepower
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 04:39:15 am »
Go to 15:40 mark for the shooting to start.

The Bar / Re: Nanomaterials for Super Energetics
« Last post by stealthflanker on Today at 02:50:53 am »
So we can basically have higher impetus compared to HMX.. cool.

Application would be widespread not only for explosives but also propellants as well.  We may also see future generation of explosive reactive armor that could use less explosive and use less thicker metal (thus lighter) Or Active protection system small "missile" that capable of neutralizing KEW with less weight of warhead than existing/projected conventional APS.
I'd argue that you can't really have a rule-of-thumb X-band to VHF, etc conversion rate - between some aircraft there may be similar ratios, but RCS increases and decreases non-linearly in relation to aircraft geometry (and also obviously RAM and aspect angle).

Take a look for example at these XST competition RCS figures sourced by Matej:

That's understandable.  I'm also aware of that image (though i thought it was Flateric came up with it)  And clearly there are wild differences as the lockheed design got 30 dB more RCS in VHF while Northrop only 19 dB.

But still, a good figure might still be needed.

Oh and i always assume it would be frontal aspect.
It is still a rather goofy idea - it is trying to turn a tank into a rolling attack helicopter
That's not the point of this concept, at least not to replace tanks where they're supposed to operate, ie in the open.
The future armored platform will be light, agile, small ... and designed primarily for operation in urban areas
Says exactly the opposite: provide protected fire support where tanks are too clumsy.

To me, this looks like heyl shiryon is building on the lessons drawn from fighting in high-rises urban areas, with the makeshift use of M163 Vulcans to reach the skyscrappers' upper storeys. It's creating a purpose-built vehicle with the right arc of fire and connectivity.

Urgency is increasing, with Iran upping their threats of a major war through their hezb'allah puppets now that they see the end of the Syrian quagmire. Last week Iranian generals spoke again about burning Haifa and TA.  If they insist enough, the IDF just might have to go back to Beirut to clean them up, and those godcrazies will again use every densely populated area as hideout.
Hence the requirement for Carmel-type equipment...
_ _ _

On the design:  I would question the use of caterpillars. For urban areas, 6x6 or 8x8 wheeled should be enough, and be faster, cheaper, longer-operating, etc.
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