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The Bar / Re: Belgium's quest to replace their F-16 fleet
« Last post by sferrin on Today at 07:52:39 am »
I wonder what NATO would have said if the Belgians came back and said they were going for low-cost, subsonic solutions instead of the latest and greatest.  How much would they save flying combat-equipped versions of the BAE Hawk or the Leonardo M346?  For 90% of NATO missions that call for air strikes against less well-equipped enemies, or terrorist groups without any air capability at all, does a small country really need F-35s or Tornados except out of pride?

NATO would say, "you're still going to get tasked with tough targets so if you feel like throwing the lives of your pilots away. . .".
The Bar / Re: Belgium's quest to replace their F-16 fleet
« Last post by TomcatViP on Today at 07:20:34 am »
here is the trojan* memo

Source (French speaking Belgian press) :

* - The MoD claims that he has no knowledge of this
  - The opposent to a F-35 buy are requesting the cancellation of the RFP on the ground that this study was hidden by the MoD:

C’est un fiasco total. On constate que le ministre de la Défense ne tient pas son administration. Comme le permet l’article 8 de l’appel d’offres, nous demandons son annulation pour le bien du destin budgétaire de la Belgique. Pour le destin particulier du ministre de la Défense, nous verrons plus tard. »
 It's a complete fiasco. We have to admit that the Minister of Defense does not hold the reins of his own administration. As allowed by Article 8 of the RFP, we request its cancelation on the ground that the budgetary destiny of Belgium is at stake. For the particular destiny of the Minister of Defense himself, we will see later.

The document specify that the MoD is in copy among all the recipicent (see on p2)

In another report, the MoD is identified as one NOT among the ones in knowledge of the LM study:

Le sp.a a mis la main sur un mail de mai 2017 dans lequel quelqu'un, au sein de la Défense, demande si l'information à propos de l'étude sur les F16 ne devrait pas être partagée avec le Chef de la Défense Marc Compernol et le ministre de la Défense Steven Vandeput (N-VA).
"I think this needs to be elevated to the CHOD/MOD as they need the correct information", peut-on y lire ("je pense que ceci doit être transmis au chef de la Défense/ministre de la Défense, vu qu'ils ont besoin de l'information correcte").
Selon le président du sp.a John Crombez, il y a aussi eu, en 2016, un échange téléphonique courroucé entre Frederik Vansina, le chef de la composante Air, et Lockheed Martin, lors duquel le militaire belge demandait d'arrêter les calculs sur la disponibilité des F16.

(Source: )
The Bar / Re: Belgium's quest to replace their F-16 fleet
« Last post by gTg on Today at 06:22:40 am »
Funny, you quote the BRF in an international forum :) ...the biggest German speaking broadcast from BE  ;)

On a serious note, only Belgian socialists can deem a 1 billion investment for max 6 years, better than a 3.6 billion one for the next 40 years...
Or are there any chances F-35 prices for the Belgian procurement can come down by 1 billion within 6 years??
Finally, strange that Lockheed is doing competition against itself:  F-16 SLEP vs new F-35.
Buying new F-16 may be an option, but SLEP-ing our old warhorses??!

Next week we will know more from 'Aviation Leak'.
Aviation Leak & Space Mythology.
In Memory of Ben Rich (1925 - 1995)
Next week we will know more from 'Aviation Leak'.

Aviation Leak & Space Mythology.
The Bar / Re: Space races: settling the universe fast
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 03:11:10 am »
If a Type II or Type III Kardashev civilization existed in our galaxy, we would probably see it (their effect on nearby stars).  A Type III could be spotted in other galaxies.  We are currently less than a Type I (attaining controlled fusion and mass space access would push us close).  A single type I civilization launching a Von Neumann probe (self-replicating robotic spacecraft traveling at sublight speeds) would have resulted in every star in our galaxy having one such probe taking up residence within a span of “only” a few million or so years----a drop in the bucket of galactic time).

This guy has created a bunch of interesting videos covering the subject among others.  Here is one of them.  He has a speech impediment but his video includes captions.  Actually, his impediment just sounds like a Boston accent.  Annoying but understandable.

The others were posted in high res, but here is the missing one in high res too.

Thx for the pic... It seems that part of the nose gear comes from the Super Hornet.
Aerospace / Re: Bell Model 525 « Relentless »
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 02:32:11 am »
Status update.

Aerospace / Re: Military Concorde
« Last post by Arjen on Today at 01:28:36 am »
Errm.... a well informed source told me in the 80s that the SA-5 was only a credible threat if the warhead comprised Instant Sunshine. (Fuzing??)
US Nike-Hercules had nuclear warheads too.
Next week we will know more from 'Aviation Leak'.
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