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"Boeing seeks quick legal fix to stop Bombardier"
by Dominic Gates

Originally published September 21, 2017 at 8:37 pm Updated September 21, 2017 at 10:22 pm

The Bar / Re: Learning Russian : fascinating but quite difficult !
« Last post by VH on Today at 04:24:27 pm »
How are you learning it? Face to face lessons? Online?
Since this is the most active F-18 thread, I am posting this here.  It is an aerial display in Switzerland and shows maneuvering performance I haven't seen in previous F-18 displays.

Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by Flyaway on Today at 11:48:35 am »
Elon Musk is Giving an Update on SpaceX’s Mars Plans Next Week

Many have been waiting for Elon Musk's updates about SpaceX's plans for Mars, which was first revealed last year. Next week, Musk will speak in the same event where his plans were first unveiled, this time about tweaks they've made.
Military / Re: Nuclear Weapons NEWS ONLY
« Last post by Flyaway on Today at 10:03:11 am »
US Navy, General Dynamics Electric Boat ink USD5.1 billion SSBN deal

It added that the deal accounts for foreign military sales to the UK, and that USD175.1 million in UK funding was obligated.

GDEB said the contract would fund “component and technology development as well as continued development of the Common Missile Compartment, which will be integrated into both the [US] Navy’s new SSBN and the Royal Navy’s Dreadnought-class strategic missile submarine”.

The is expected to be completed by December 2031, with GDEB stating that construction of the lead Columbia-class boat is scheduled to begin in late 2020.
Aerospace / Re: T-X - A Future USAF Trainer
« Last post by fightingirish on Today at 10:02:01 am »
Here first pictures of Sierra Nevada Corp's "Freedom Aircraft" prototype/mock-up, now promoted for pilot training (T-X) and light attack (A-X) competition.

Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by Flyaway on Today at 09:42:04 am »
SpaceX forces Air Force to revise launch mindset

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The emergence of Elon Musk’s SpaceX as a legitimate and competitive player in the space-launch arena has prompted the U.S. Air Force to re-evaluate the way it perceives launch operations, said Brig. Gen. Wayne Monteith, commander, 45th Space Wing.

“SpaceX does not launch on schedule,” Monteith said Sept. 20 during a space warfighting panel at the annual Air Force Association Air Space Cyber Conference. “They launch on readiness.”

This launch-when-we’re-ready-to-go attitude has had an impact on SpaceX operational needs and costs, said Monteith, who also is director of the Air Force Eastern Range, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida.

“They have forced us — and I mean forced us — to get better, infinitely better, at what we do,” he said. “We are adopting commercial business practices and becom[ing] more efficient and more affordable.

“Working with them, we have been able to reduce our main launch footprint by 60 percent and reduce the cost of a single launch by over 50 percent,” he said. “Based on the autonomous flight safety system they developed with us they will help us get to 48 launches a year.”

That number includes launches for all Air Force facilities and right now, he said, the service is conducting about half that launch total annually.
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