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Site Feedback / Re: Link-only posts
« Last post by Richard N on Today at 10:41:04 pm »
Posting only links is like sending emails with a blank subject line.  Most would feel the sender is being inconsiderate of the receiver. 

A few words about what is in a posted link gives the reader some information to make a judgment as to whether opening a link is worth his time. 

It poor practice to even unintentionally waste someone's time.
Don't know for sure, if the engine of such gliders was intended to be used, when the glider was
towed. Maybe it was installed only to increase the range of the released glider, or to allow for an
easy return after the payload was delivered ?
Some more rather interesting news on AHRLAC/Mwari - seems it is now being actively punted in the USA, as the "Bronco II"...!
Radar coverage in the area that the target was see is a little sporadic. The Joint Surveillance System radar for air defense is shown in red. My question is where did the target go. Visual sightings were broken after the airliners, on their individual tracks, continued to their destinations. It seems like the primary radar target should have been picked up by US interior radars or by other JSS radars and the vehicle tracked and intercepted.

This reminds me of a story recounted in a Carl Sagan book* about UFO sightings in the Gulf of Mexico area. Turns out that the UFO were USAF planes testing the parameters of the poor ADR coverage that area had at the time. Perhaps a similar exercise is being undertaken?

* Maybe "The Demon-haunted World"
Speculating, perhaps a Drug Cartel "Lear jet" painted with a homemade radar absorbent paint? Would have been better to avoid nightime visual cues by painting it black with some type of carbon paint?

The Germans in WW2 had a rudimentary RAM paint using burnt wood chips or burnt charcoal didn't they?

Why would they still paint the unknown aircraft white?

Now that would be a real story

Pacific Northwest Drug Cartel develops "Magical" Radar Absorbing Paint, accepts buyout offer from Lockheed Martin
When asked, a drug cartel spokesman said "The first taste was free"
Lockheed, initially refusing to comment due to ongoing litigation involving the F-22 bomber, later stated in a press release "We haven't had much luck with coatings in the last few years, this just may be the breakthrough we need!"
Here is a question:

How were gliders with centrally mounted tractor propellers supposed to be towed? The LEM-3 appears to have a frame to keep the cable below the propeller - but what about the LEM-2? The same goes for the KhAI-3 variants which had the engine mounted at wing level, the SK-7, G-31 and the LIG!
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: WW2 Chinese Fighter Projects
« Last post by blockhaj on Today at 07:41:28 pm »
Anyone have a blueprint of the Yenchu XP-1?
Aerospace / Re: Joint Sino-Russian Long-Range-Airliner
« Last post by Triton on Today at 07:35:19 pm »
Aerospace / Re: Joint Sino-Russian Long-Range-Airliner
« Last post by Triton on Today at 07:07:01 pm »
Rename topic to "CRAIC CR929". CRAIC for China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation, a joint-venture between Chinese Comac and Russian United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).
Aerospace / Re: Joint Sino-Russian Long-Range-Airliner
« Last post by Triton on Today at 07:03:40 pm »
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