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Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Italian Heavy Fighters
« Last post by MC72 on Today at 11:25:58 am »
Years ago i made several art work about the Santangelo heavy fighter called also "Sturmovino" for the better know Russian Sturmovik, because can do ground attack with the cannon under belly.
Space Projects / Re: India Future Manned Space projects
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 10:42:04 am »

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) had proposed India’s human space flight programme – Vyom – nearly a decade ago. The Indian manned mission will likely have a three-person crew entering the low Earth Orbit and will be carried out on board the indigenous Mark GSLV III launch vehicle.

ISRO plans to undertake two unmanned flights and one manned flight where the crew would be sent to the low Earth Orbit for five to seven days.

Work on an orbital vehicle that can take the crew to the low Earth orbit is already underway.

In 2007, India tested its first re-entry technology where a 550 kg satellite was sent into the orbit and brought back to earth safely in 12 days. This shows India’s capability in heat-resistant materials that are essential for re-entry technology.

In July, ISRO had successfully tested a crew escape system at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. The test was critical for a manned mission as it could be needed for pulling out crew members in case of an aborted launch due to some emergency.
Space Projects / Re: India Future Manned Space projects
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 10:06:23 am »

ORIGINAL CAPTION: File image of the escape tower for a manned rocket India plans to launch in coming years.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: MATRA R.130
« Last post by Archibald on Today at 09:48:13 am »
Indeed, in a pretty unexpected and bizarre move, Heinkel in 1941-43 was told to defer He-274 development to Suresnes aviation plant, near Paris (can't remember which French aircraft manufacturer had been there before)
 Perhaps it was because they were busy enough with all those He-177, He-177B and He-277 bombers iterations. Whatever, as WWII dragged on and finally ended,  this created the bizarre situation of Vichy France, then la Résistance, and finally, De Gaulle RPF, being handled a couple of a very advanced strategic bombers. They were completed after WWII but France was too poor, too ruined, to build more of them and replace the Guyenne 346 and 347 squadron H.P Halifaxes (a shame, but c'est la vie). Only a pair of bombers were build one of them being stripped of spares to keep the other flying until 1952 at least, as a "mothership" for unpowered mockups. The "serious" job (Leduc) was done by Languedoc, although it was a far less powerful, and smaller aircraft. No Leduc was ever dropped from a He-274 or AAS-01, as they were rebranded.

and the Matra R.130 is such an insane design. The aforementioned Fana de l'aviation just blew my mind. That rotating fuselage always remind me of this - an UHU stick of glue.  ;D I think i once tried to build a R.130 model out of that thing.
Space Projects / Re: High Frontier (SDI)
« Last post by Archibald on Today at 09:36:06 am »
I wondered what had happened to Mike Griffin, of NASA fame... well now I have my answer.
Space Projects / Re: India Future Manned Space projects
« Last post by Archibald on Today at 09:29:58 am »
Modi said his government would launch from Sept. 25 a previously announced medical insurance scheme, dubbed 'Modicare'

Pure gold. LMAO. I can see Apu (from the Simpsons) trying to pronounce "medicare" and creating "modicare" instead.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: German late war mysterious specifications
« Last post by Wurger on Today at 08:38:27 am »
A remote controlled turret a la Dornier P 215...
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Postwar Payen projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 08:29:58 am »
From le Fana 274.
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