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Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Focke-Wulf projects
« Last post by sgeorges4 on Yesterday at 08:50:10 pm »
-251-013Do you have something about the focke wulf P 0310-251-013?
Not to repeat what's been said already but...They should be calling it SWBB for -Slightly Wing Body Blended...Really is moving away from the large blended Body area wing with the engines on top (close together) and way aft. The older concept could put a 3rd engine where the T-tail is now. The engines are getting further apart and lower on the aircraft. Looks more like an conventional aircraft with enhanced blending.

Missile Projects / Re: GAM-87A/AGM-48A Skybolt ALBM
« Last post by bobbymike on Yesterday at 03:31:52 pm »
Nice picture should dust off the blueprints for a nice conventional BGV for CPGS.
HWB function like more or less like an augmentor. It's all the airframe that works in symbiose to reach a better level of efficiency. The difficulty comes with the propulsive system and airflow distorsion at certain flight regime (low speed is one). Hence the model with representative bolted-on slats and flaps.

Boeing has already worked hard that flight domain.

For a century designer have mostly decoupled the airframe and its propulsive means. Stepping firmly into the futute is to get that right... from low speed to high speed.

(Woaw got straped in gradiloquence. Sorry if that sounded pedentic).

Weight of the gear associated with the raised nose may not make its way onto an already astronomically expensive aircraft.
Why astronomically expensive?  It's not a stealth aircraft.
That is what the USAF Inc. told their primary customer last time they asked.

What?  The USAF has customers?  They told them it wasn't a stealth aircraft?  They told them it would be expensive?  Who is the customer and who is "USAF Inc."?

The United States Army is the primary customer.
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