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So on the engine side the move to Spey should extend range and endurance. As per brochure from 2 to 4 hours on CAP.

We know that work on AI.18 was costed for additional AMTI functionality along with a general improvement in performance. CW injection for  a SARH guided version of Red Top was available. This would be vital to intercept Bombers and their large anti-ship missiles of the era.
Searching news concerning the New Generation Fighter on the Dassault website, I found a little video about Dassault and the Cleansky program.

IMO there were three interesting "projects" :

-A twin-tailed "Falcon"

-A "Falcon" with canard

-New wing parts for a four-engines civilian transport planes
Designation Systems / Re: The designations of Fiat and related companies
« Last post by Maveric on Today at 01:58:51 pm »
Thx. ;)
from Aerei Italiani 1914-1918,please add this, SIA-6b,also SIA-8b.

Done. Thanks hesham

BTW: Those two clippings translate something like this:

SIA 6b

An alternative designation for SIA-built SP.3 machines (by Savoia-Pomilio).

SIA 8b

Two-seater reconnaissance biplane, equipped with a 300 hp FIAT A.12bis engine. [SIA 8b was] derived from the SIA 7b.2, retaining the fuselage, empennage, and undercarriage. [The SIA 8b differed from the SIA 7b.2 in having a wing cellule with a reduced gap to improve its handling.

[The SIA 8b was] tested throughout the spring of 1918, but it remained a prototype.

Maveric: It seems that the S.I.A. 6b was all but identical to the SIT-built Savoia-Pomilio SP.3.
updated DCS article including various unbuilt designs
Naval Projects / Re: III Reich Aircraft Carrier Projects
« Last post by Hood on Today at 12:53:21 pm »
The upper cruiser-carrier image is a fake. It's from Damien Burke's 'Admiral Furashita' alternate history.
Aerospace / Re: France and Germany to develop new european fighter jet
« Last post by Deltafan on Today at 12:27:50 pm »
And I thought they had copied the German Horten Ho 229 because there was no horizontal or vertical fin ::) ;)

The Bar / Re: San Amerigo - my fictional state
« Last post by pometablava on Today at 12:24:41 pm »
Partido Obrejo Unidario Marxista

Partido Obrero Unitario Marxista

Unitarian Marxist Workers Party
Aerospace / Re: France and Germany to develop new european fighter jet
« Last post by Harrier on Today at 11:59:10 am »
I think they just copied the Fairey Delta again, what with the 'uppy-over' intakes  :o ;D
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Focke-Wulf projects
« Last post by sgeorges4 on Today at 11:40:51 am »
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