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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Myasishchev flying boats projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 10:36:23 am »
Oops,sorry,I will correct it my dear Redstar.
Very good solution.
Patent Pending / Re: Boeing Patents
« Last post by circle-5 on Today at 10:19:02 am »
Patents taken out by random inventors/lunatics are too far off topic in my opinion.

I agree with Overscan

The last patent is totally lunatic and has no interest to this forum

And I agree with you,but not all patents are imagine projects,
such as that project from Boeing,who can say it was really
or not ?

Hesham, do you have a link to the patent design shown in your reply no.7 ?
This is not a Boeing design, but a Grumman G-235 Gadfly.  I would like to see what it says about it ...

Thank you.
From an ebay auction. This photo looks familiar to me and think it has been posted elsewhere on this forum but I cant find. Any idea which weymann machine this is?

A big mistake from them,it's De Monge aircraft.

Thank you.

Is that a radiator on the front or some sort of annular wing/control surface?
User Artwork / Re: Seaplanes sketches
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 09:41:32 am »

Strikingly unhelpful for an aircraft (per the topic of this thread).

Not *necessarily.* For starters, the whole idea of an antimatter powered aircraft is of course wacky. *BUT* if you proceed from the assumption that such aircraft are built and put into service, no matter what you do, the antimatter is going to be the major cost of each flight. As shown above, you're talking *many* billions of dollars per flight. So if a Jupiter-orbiting antimatter collection facility can drop the price of antimatter an order of magnitude or two compared to terrestrial production, it *quickly* becomes far cheaper to make your airplane fuel hell and gone out at Jupiter Station than in downtown CERN. If you are making antimatter for *airplanes,* the cost of transporting antimatter from Jupiter to Earth becomes relatively trivial relatively quickly since the stuff is *far* better for space propulsion than air.
Needs an IRST (or two)
User Artwork / Re: McDonnell Douglas Model 225 Painting
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 09:24:08 am »
Keep up the good work!
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