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The Bar / Re: Vought Track Air Cushion Vehicle
« Last post by GTX on Today at 10:55:18 am »
Vaguely reminiscent of this.

The Bar / Re: Vought Track Air Cushion Vehicle
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 10:30:29 am »
Vaguely reminiscent of this.

Aerospace / Re: B-52 "Arsenal Plane"
« Last post by George Allegrezza on Today at 09:23:43 am »
Isinglass plus its pylon were well over 100,000 lbs but that never flew, of course.  Skybolts were 11,000 lbs each not counting the pylon.
Aerospace / Re: B-52 "Arsenal Plane"
« Last post by sferrin on Today at 07:56:31 am »
What's the heaviest military load ever contemplated for the B-52's inboard pylons?  I'd think 6 AGM-129s would probably be it, or close.  22,000lbs not including the pylon.  A pair of Skybolts would have been about the same.
Aerospace / Re: Lockheed Martin F-35: News ONLY topic
« Last post by LowObservable on Today at 07:33:09 am »
What about hard-working, diligent and conscientious speculation?
Aerospace / Re: F-35 for Canada
« Last post by LowObservable on Today at 07:25:33 am »
Kitnut - To be fair, you should cite the counter-argument, which is that any other fighter would come with a fat package of industrial participation and offsets, whereas F-35 work is subject to re-competition and the primes beating you up on margins.

Avivimus - Looking back, it seems to me that (like many naive stakeholders and commentators) the Harper government made the mistake of believing in the official schedule as it stood at the end of 2009. When the wheels came off in early 2010 (program director fired, replacement finds that all the projections are happy horse**** on an Augean scale) they panicked and tried to engineer a sole-source procurement.

That was the start of all Canada's fighter-procurement problems, now further complicated by the Boeing-Bombardier snafu and Trump's declaration of trade war. In many ways one can't blame Trudeau for kicking as many cans down the road as possible, while waiting for the mid-terms and 2020.
Aerospace / Re: Lockheed Martin F-35: News ONLY topic
« Last post by _Del_ on Today at 07:22:50 am »
I'm sure partners are getting technology transfers. Companies also typically prefer a healthy-sized pool of workers in place for production rather than having a gap in production and going the route of layoffs, furloughs, and then needing to recruit more skilled labour later for their next project. So having work for them to do is deemed somewhat critical (I don't know what the workload is for Dassault or Airbus D&S, but the idea of having another project in production for the next ten to twenty years gives you some flexibility and buys time to segue to their FCAS, NGWS, or whatever they are calling it in the 2040's). Neither the Rafale (sadly) or the Atlas lines look to have that sort of longevity.

We need an idle speculation thread again! Sorry.
Military / Re: Surface Ships Need More Offensive Punch, Outlook
« Last post by jsport on Today at 07:18:59 am »
KEI had no organic sensor but a fairly substantial fire control unit that transmitted
the in-flight target updates that were provided by a forward based radar or
PTSS or whatever and had datalink that was largely directional.

Assuming you could have all of the off-board support in place, you could
consider placing an encanistered KEI on the hull of a XL-UUV in a manner
similar to the small submarine hosts envisioned for one of the MX basing concepts.

With a suitably signature reduced mast (some of the XL-UUVs need to snorkel anyway)
you could proliferate enough of them to either force a concerted ASW effort (probably a
red-flag indicating an imminent launch) or tolerate attrition. And then if they are plugged into
the comms network you could have them bottom to prevent capture etc.
For Iran, it goes a long way to solving the problem of needing to base a boost-phase interceptor
in the southern Caspian.
BPI is essential. Any hopes of BPI requires a seaborne approach and a bottom sitting submarine is the least vulnerable seaborne option.
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