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I found a couple of papers dealing with the "Concorde B" and that much improved Olympus.
Which has a different name than "+25%" as mentionned in that site

It was called the Olympus 593 mk.622 - larger fan and up to 10% to even 30% more thrust. 30% more thrust out of 18 tons, should be 24 tons, and not that far from the Boeing SST General electric GE4.

The papers are behind a paywall (and a pretty expensive one with that) but c'est la vie. I linked the first pages.

Anybody ever heard of a man called P.C Gupka that worked at Bristol engines in the late 70's ?
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Messerschmitt P.1112S/2
« Last post by Hamzalippischh on Today at 10:59:58 am »
Very nice model and textures, the concept is surely Alexander Lippisch's

It wasnt a Lippisch design.

My younger self had an extreme Lippisch pareidolia going on :)
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Messerschmitt P.1112S/2
« Last post by sienar on Today at 10:51:01 am »
Very nice model and textures, the concept is surely Alexander Lippisch's

It wasnt a Lippisch design.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Willy Rosenfelter & S.T.A.L. projects
« Last post by Maveric on Today at 10:39:15 am »
As I can see the STAL-11 was a powerplant.
Yeah, the A320 *avenged* quite a lot of european airliners when you think about it.  ;D   It took a very long time for Europe to learn that no single country could beat Boeing or MDD by itself. L'union fait la force (or: l'oignon fait la farce)
Military / Re: Blur between fighters and bombers
« Last post by Avimimus on Today at 09:19:52 am »
If DEWs replace manoeuvrability...

But, a lot might depend ultimately on how the boundary between fighters and surface to air missiles blur...
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: General Electric VSTOL/STOL Projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 08:07:19 am »
Strange looking planes hesham, do you know if there is anymore information about them anywhere else?

Hi FighterJock,

frankly I don't know,the first one I saw it in NASA report,and the second maybe related
to this one;,1938.msg230463.html#msg230463
The Bar / Re: The US Space Force
« Last post by bobbymike on Today at 07:54:03 am »


NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.— As the National Defense Strategy and National Security Strategy have made clear, space is set to become a crucial war fighting domain, as nearly every operation the military conducts relies on space assets.

So when the leaders of the Air Force’s Global Strike Command, Space Command, commander in Europe and Africa and special operations head all shared a stage at the Air Force Associations annual conference to discuss operations, its no surprise they chose to focus on how the service plans to leverage space assets to project power in the 21st century.

One reason space is so important, not just to the Air Force, but all military services, is that space assets enable multidomain operations that are becoming the norm in the modern warfare. Citing the Air Force’s successful strikes against Assad-regime chemical weapons manufacturing sites in Syria in April, Gen. Tod D. Wolters, commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa, explained the mission was successful because “we had well-vetted and thorough multidomain operations.”
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