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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: SAAB Fighter / Attack projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 04:53:11 am »
I agree with you my dear Blockhaj,

I think they were a real Projects,and not only tested Models.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Fairey Prototypes & Projects Pre-1945
« Last post by hesham on Today at 04:45:17 am »
Thank you for the Info my dear Schneiderman,

and also in the same year at the Spec. 21/28 for Mail Carrying Aircraft,Fairey submitted
a proposal,maybe based on a known design ?.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Fairey Prototypes & Projects Pre-1945
« Last post by Schneiderman on Today at 12:11:35 am »
also in Spec. 20/28 for civil transport flying boat,Fairey submitted unknown Proposal,
any idea ?.

I think that it is unlikely that Fairey submitted a formal tender to this specification. The company had never built a flying boat hull, had no experience in metal skin construction and their only coastal works at Hamble was set up for testing seaplanes and had no production capability.  With four capable flying boat constructors in Britain, all producing metal hulls, Fairey would have known that they had no chance of winning a contract.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: SAAB Fighter / Attack projects
« Last post by blockhaj on Yesterday at 10:05:36 pm »
My suspicion is that they are just test models to get a better understanding of similar planes. But the jet plane looks nothing like any jet plane that was known at the time. The engines also seems to be fitted for ease of replacement considering that jets at the time has very short lifespans. The engines looks very similar to the stal skuten too.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Aerion SBJ
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 05:43:58 pm »
Aerion, Lockheed Plan AS2 SSBJ Announcement on Friday
by Chad Trautvetter

December 13, 2017, 10:54 AM

Aerion Corp. and Lockheed Martin today announced they will hold a joint press conference on Friday
in Washington, D.C., along with a GE Aviation executive, to discuss their plans for "exploring the joint development"
of the Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet (SSBJ). “Technologies have matured to the extent we plan to
introduce a renaissance in supersonic flight, beginning with business aviation, due to continuing advances in
performance, efficiency, environmental responsibility and affordability,” the companies said.

Reno, Nevada-based Aerion would not disclose the exact nature of the announcement. Curiously missing from the media
advisory is any mention of Airbus, which forged a partnership with Aerion in September 2014 that
involved an exchange of knowledge and capabilities in design, manufacturing and certification. Since then,
speculation has been that Airbus would eventually become the production partner for the AS2.

Aerion’s publicly known collaboration with GE Aviation has been ongoing since May, when it selected GE
as the engine provider for the AS2’s powerplant. Two months ago, veteran business aviation executive Brian Barents
was promoted as executive chairman of Aerion—a move seen as the next step in bringing its Mach 1.6 business
jet to market. “This strengthens the capability of the Aerion organization by elevating a singularly prominent
industry veteran to further relationships with key decision makers at OEMs, tier-one suppliers and other critical
constituencies,” Aerion chairman Robert Bass said in October. Bass will also be present at Friday's conference.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Boland Aircraft of 1910s
« Last post by Dynoman on Yesterday at 05:29:09 pm »
AirAsuquin, thank you! Excellent article!!

The Boland design mentioned in the article appears to either be a canard equipped aircraft or a tandem wing aircraft as Boland mentions that all of the surfaces provide positive lift ("every plane on my machine lifts") and that he has "double-forward" planes and "rear planes."

The article mentions that he has 5 sets of wings (each measuring 20 ft x 6 ft), however the article implies that not all the sets may be used at the same time with configurations of 600 sq ft to 1000 sq ft of wing area available.

He also mentions a unique method of control. It appears that he sits upon a seat that has roller bearings underneath that allows him to shift his weight changing up the aircraft's CG.

His aircraft weighs 700 lbs fully loaded and is projected to fly at 70-90 mph. Its's overall length is approximately 30 feet. It has an 8 cylinder motor that generates 60 hp at 2500 rpm and it swings a two bladed propeller of 12 ft diameter and a 12 inch chord.

He has additional "sockets" at the rear of the aircraft for some form of directional control "surfaces". Not sure if this is a pair of vertical stabilizers (he mentions that it is rudderless) or some type of V-tail arrangement.

The wings also have a unique takeoff and in-flight configuration. For added lift it appears that the wing (as far as I can interpret) contracts slightly inward (using cable control) and is released or stretched flat for faster speeds.

The design has a unique propulsion system with a tractor mounted motor providing thrust in the air, but also incorporates a chain drive for the landing gear wheels for additional speed on the ground.

From the photo the fuselage truss section looks similar to a Latham or Bleriot type (i.e. small box truss sections). Its fuselage and wing arrangement reminds me of the Bleriot Libellule. It would be good to get a better quality picture of the article to see additional details.

Bleriot Type VI shown for reference:
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Boeing JAST / JSF / X-32 projects
« Last post by Sundog on Yesterday at 04:06:15 pm »
Flateric, you're correct, I was referring to the original/prototype tailless/TVC design, not the production submission.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Evolution of the Mikoyan MiG-29
« Last post by Pioneer on Yesterday at 03:39:54 pm »
Yep that is correct. Remembering this famous satellite shot, it might even have worked. Look at the LERX, and some early "MiG-29" artwork.

There and then known to the West (well America) as the RAM-L

Early Aircraft Projects / General Electric XGEH-1C Heliplane
« Last post by sienar on Yesterday at 03:38:02 pm »
"Proposal for Construction of Heliplane, Model XGEH-1C,"
General Electric Company Proposition No. G.O. 20438
(proposal prepared by York Research Corporation), Feb. 8,
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: SAAB Fighter / Attack projects
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 03:36:28 pm »
OK and many thanks my dear Blockhaj,

if you have more,please send them.
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