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Modelling Forum / supermarine 319
« Last post by royabulgaf on Today at 08:07:09 pm »
The list of Supermarine type numbers shown elswhere on this site mentions the Supermarine 319 two seat fighter.  I thoroughly searched* for more information on this aircraft but found nothing.   I could not find an Air Ministry specification issued in 1936 or 37 for a two seat fighter which would have been the time such a specification was issued.   Anyone got anything? 

*spent 20 minutes on Google
Modelling Forum / Re: Big Gemini and Gemini SSTO - 1:96 Scale
« Last post by Michel Van on Today at 09:51:38 am »
cool work
Modelling Forum / Re: Big Gemini and Gemini SSTO - 1:96 Scale
« Last post by Archibald on Today at 09:51:22 am »
Excellent, really. As a die hard fan of Big Gemini, I really enjoy it.
Modelling Forum / Big Gemini and Gemini SSTO - 1:96 Scale
« Last post by SAustin16 on Today at 08:56:46 am »
Hello to All,

As a kid in the 1960's with both parents highly involved in aviation and activities at Edwards AFB, I have always been fascinated with the Gemini Program. The Gemini Era was a very exciting time. Gemini was always considered a "Pilot's Spacecraft", where Apollo was the next step with its own certain design elegance.

Here are several 1:96 scale Gemini variants I've been working on. These are a tribute to Gus Grissom and all of the McDonnell Douglas engineers who never got to see these craft built and flying.

Two variants of Big Gemini, to re-supply the envisioned space stations, and the Gemini SSTO (Single Stage to Orbit). All of these are my "first builds" and of very rough craftsmanship. My eye sight isn't what it used to be, and it really shows on these 1:96 scale builds.

I started to model the SSTO landing gear (telescoping tubes), but the 1:96 design was very weak and unstable...I decided to proceed with the "in flight" version.

A Big Texas Thank You to Giuseppe "Archipeppe" De Chiara  for his brilliant illustrations as source for the both Big Gemini designs. 

The RCS systems are always time-consuming and very fiddly. On the SSTO i used scrap wood and toothpick ends to model in 3D (Thank you David Hanners for this idea). They came out OK, but hours of work. On the Big Gemini I tried to model 2D RCS quadrants in MS Word, but they are only acceptable when looking straight on...they really lack realism when viewed at an angle.

More Gemini models to come.

Hope you enjoy...Good Day from Texas.
<adds Hushkit to favourites>
Charles Whiting (Pen name: Duncan Harding), Convoy of Death, 2005

United Kingdom

HMS Black Swan
Minesweeper, class not specified
Armament: Bren Machine Guns, Lewis Machine Guns, Oerlikon guns (20mm), Bofors Guns (40mm), Parachute and Cable Rockets, Holman Projectors
Two funnels
Triple Expansion Steam Engine, power 1200ph
Described as "...old tube of a minesweeper which should have been scrapped years ago."
No other details provided.
Note: Name clashes with the name ship of the Black Swan Class Sloops.

Corvette, class not specified
Armament: 4.5 inch guns, .5 Machine guns


U-Boat, type not specified
Note: Pennant number matches that of a Type VIIc Class U-Boat sunk in the Baltic in 1942

U-Boat, type not specified
Note: Pennant number matches that of a Type VIIc Class U-Boat sunk in the Atlantic in 1943. In the novel the submarine sinks in 1942

Several U-Boats, S-Boats

Plot summary: The year is 1942. Another convoy makes it's way to Russia.

Note: The cover by Paul Dickinson, while a nice piece of 'action' artwork, does not fit the action of the novel at all, nor does the minesweeper depicted match the ship in the novel.
User Artwork / Re: HamzaLippischh's Aviation artwork
« Last post by Hamzalippischh on December 13, 2017, 01:59:38 pm »
Ever wondered what would result from arbitrarily applying a "stealth filter" to a classic fighter configuration ?

I did, so i doodled this thingy that i know makes little aerodynamic sense. Is it worth some texturing love? what do you guys think?
User Artwork / Re: 1970 Projektstudie Flugpanzer
« Last post by Hamzalippischh on December 13, 2017, 01:54:02 pm »
Crazy stuff, the sort of things i like.

Planning to texture it ?
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