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Some 'self-published on Amazon' sci-fi/horror...

D. E. Morris, The Glomar Encounter, 2016


Red Hammer/Krasnyy Molot
Golf II (Pr. 629A) Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships.

Plot summary: The year is 1974, the United States is preparing for a major intelligence coup by raising a sunken Russian submarine. When they find out why it sank, they will wish they'd left it on the bottom...

Note: The novel is based on Operation Jennifer (Project Azorian) an attempt to raise a sunken Russian submarine in the early 1970s that inspired at least two novels, 'Neptune' (1976) by Noel B. Gerson and 'Fireplay' (1977) by William Wingate, both of which I've covered earlier in the thread. Also mixed into the plotline is a version of the Walker Spy Ring (1968-1985), which has featured in two other novels I've covered 'The Passage' (1995) by David Poyer & 'Night Trap' (1999) by Gordon Kent.
Alternative History and Future Speculation / Re: Fictional Warships - Novels
« Last post by Graham1973 on October 20, 2018, 08:12:51 pm »
Antony Melville-Ross, Command, 1985

United Kingdom

HMS Intractable
Aircraft Carrier, class not specified (Illustrious Class?)
No other details provided, beyond the fact it is not an escort carrier.

HMS Saurian
S Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships

HMS Trigger
T Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships

HMS Tarquin
T Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships

HMS Tiara
T Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships.
Note: Name matches of that of a T Class Submarine HMS Tiara (P351), that was launched in 1944, but never commissioned and eventually scrapped in 1947. The fictional submarine is existence in 1942/43.

HMS Tarn
T Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships
Note: Name matches that of a T-Class Submarine  HMS Tarn (P326) that was transferred to the Royal Netherlands Navy while under construction and became HNLMS Tijgerhaai (P336). The fictional submarine is existence in 1942/43, whereas the real submarine started construction in 1943.

HMS Tarantula
T Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships
Note: Name clash with an Insect Class Gunship. The same name is used for a submarine depot ship in the short novel, ' The Cauldron' (2011) by Roy Peters.

HMS Tusker
T Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships

HMS Tiger-shark
T Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships

HMS Tornado
T Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships


J-47 (ex-die Köngin)
Armed Trawler
1 x 75mm gun (fwd)
Depth Charges
Fitted with sonar
No other details.

Type 1936 Class Destroyer
Details as per the real ships.


Various Destroyers and escort vessels.

Plot summary: Following a grueling patrol in the Arctic a British submarine is sent to the Mediterranean to take part in operations leading up to the Allied invasion of Sicily.

Note: This is the first in a series of four novels set in the same 'universe'. The author uses digressions from the main plot in what I'd class as an intelligent way (eg They contribute to the sense of a wider war going on around the main characters.) without slowing things down too much.
Propulsion / Re: DB021 turboprop
« Last post by PlanesPictures on October 20, 2018, 01:06:03 pm »
Study for a huge oil on canvas
Propulsion / Re: DB021 turboprop
« Last post by kitnut617 on October 20, 2018, 09:58:50 am »
All I can find. Some other modellers on other forums have just recently bought this conversion but had to contact the owner first.
Propulsion / Re: Curtiss Wright TJ38 Zephyr Jet Engine
« Last post by MaxLegroom on October 20, 2018, 09:46:41 am »
Interesting, and here's just a little bit more about it.  It looks like it could have been used for any American jetliner design, but apparently none considered it, as it was mainly a variant of the Bristol Olympus, and was actually largely developed by Bristol.
Propulsion / Re: DB021 turboprop
« Last post by maxmwill on October 20, 2018, 09:00:39 am »
Before you mentioned it, all I knew was that Unicraft was the only outfit that offered it(them). Do you have a link to their site?
Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Imagination of the future from the past
« Last post by hesham on October 20, 2018, 08:10:39 am »
From ZB Illustrierte 2/1956.

Can anyone translate the text here ?.
Propulsion / Re: DB021 turboprop
« Last post by kitnut617 on October 20, 2018, 07:51:44 am »
maxmwill, forget the Unicraft ones, go with this one from Prop & Jet, if you contact the owner he will re-pop them.

The reviews of it from some people who have the conversion are that it's very good
User Artwork / Re: Motocar's Cutaway drawings
« Last post by athpilot on October 20, 2018, 07:38:21 am »
The german word for airplane is "Flugzeug" (not: "Flugze"!). A "Gleiter" is a gliding plane; not to mix up with a "Segelflugzeug", that is an sailplane. So here it must be a "Bomben Gleiterflugzeug" or a "Bombergleiter".

Propulsion / Re: DB021 turboprop
« Last post by maxmwill on October 20, 2018, 05:21:59 am »
Welp, decide on the scale(I think Igor discontinued one of the scales), the order the relevant DB-021, and play with the silly thing. And, as the kit has 2 021s, you can use it in that Bf-109, or even an He-100. And, as the scales are 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32, any of the twin engine bombers might be fun to play with(a DB-021 powered Do-217W, the float version of the 217 that was proposed early in its development).

Now, about the Unicraft kit, there are a few things to address(I think that  to some here, I might be preaching to the choir), such as the intake bullets. Those are not round, but rather flattened on both sides. While you could build them up with putty and spin on a Dremel, I found that the spinner from a 190(doesn't matter what scale, just one that fits) looks pretty good(the proper term being TLAR, or that looks about right, a term used a lot by the government), with minimal work being needed to make it look right, and then there are the fan blades in the intake, the ones in the kit looking like fat ovals, and nothing even remotely aerodynamic, so I prefer card stock. Looks better, and gives a better feel as to what the full size version might've looked like.

I've heard a lot of completes about Unicraft kits, and I agree, they really are terrible kits, and if you look at them with that in mind, you'll get the disappointment you're expecting. However, if you "hold your nose", and look at the kits as wonderful subjects that just need a bit more(sometimes a lot) of extra work(I love how there are all kinds of accessories "out there", resin, pe, that sort of thing, and there are a lot of modellers who seem to know nothing else when it comes to building a better scale model. But, when I was growing up, there were no such critters. You want a nice scale model, you started with the kit, then used your wits, imagination, talent, and skills to add whatever "bells and whistles" you could scrounge to your heart's content. Such as cylinder jugs. It's amazing what you can do with some thread on a piece of rod stock, It looks a lot like cylinder fins. And I'm getting to the point where I don't use a lot of pe supplied with a kit, because ignition wires are not flat, nor are push rods. And loops that seat belts are attached to are not flat, but a tiny wire half loop works better(especially on something like the Bf-108, where the seat belt attachments are so prominent). Sometimes the more modren stuff just won't cut it.

And now for a private gripe. Given that pe and resin are so readily available, why can't we get wind screen wipers? They are available for the model car fanatics, but you want wipers on that 1/48 Jet Ranger, you ass out unless you make them. Pe would be good for that, although resin might be better(lot of metal folding if pe). And louvers. Yeah, I get it, they are too small to worry about. But louvers would set a model off, such as a Couzinet Arc En Ciel airliner, which has louvers all over the nacelles(I am kicking around an idea for a 1/48 or 1/32 Couzinet. There is an old Heller kit, 1/72, I think, that is quite rare). Everyone seems to think that Connie is the most beautiful airliner ever built, but I would beg to differ, as the Couzinet airliners look like really classy French Ladies of the Evening, and down right sexy. ;)
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