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I agree that the "Various Dornier projects..." style of posting causes duplication and makes the forum harder to use overall. But I also understand the urge to create these types of post--They provoke some of our more interesting discussions. So perhaps we should try to accommodate the urge while still achieving the degree of separation desired? 

I suggest something like the following:

* Always create or use an existing, narrowly defined subject topic to describe a specific project in detail ("Gloster P.248 F.43/46 single-seat interceptor with 4.5-in recoilless gun", "Lockheed CL-1400 A-X contender").

* As needed, create/update broad, collation topics that provide links to the narrow topics, while allowing discussion ("Gloster fighter projects", "UK Interceptor projects 1945-55", "Projects to Specification F.43/46", "A-X Contenders", "USAF Close-Support projects").

The broad topics could go in the existing index section (perhaps renamed to make its use more intuitive, since it isn't a true index) or they could go in the existing historical/subject categories with a standard keyword in the subject line ("SURVEY", "GENERAL", or some some such). Personally, I think they would be most useful within the historical/subject categories. The index section could then be turned into something more like a true index.

Either way, the posting rule should be "create as many broad topics as you want PROVIDED that each individual project is in a separate linked topic."

And the wingtip points right at Marcel Dassault himself (the man with the glasses, in the middle)
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Focke Wulf Fw 191
« Last post by newsdeskdan on Today at 09:16:06 am »
From the brochure.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Focke Wulf Fw 191
« Last post by lucamax on Today at 08:44:02 am »
Dear Friends,
here I post a model of the Fw 191 (source: War Planes of the Second World War, Green, Vol 9) and a 3-view of the Fw 191C (Source, Die Deutsche Luftrustung 1933 - 1945, Nowarra, Vol. 2).

Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Dassault Mirage G8A / ACF / Super Mirage
« Last post by hesham on Today at 08:20:12 am »
From le Fana 3/2018.
Any original drawing of the bf 109 S? I can't find the topic with those drawing,and I just want to know for wich version the wing was assigned(the F or the E?).

According to an A.I.2(g) report of December 1944 by G E F Proctor, under 'mainplanes': "The wing is very similar in construction to that employed on the Me 109 G-6 but has the following modifications:
(a) The fitting of an air duct between the main spar and the subsidiary spar to which the flaps and ailerons are attached.
(b) Wing flaps extending to root end of wing.
(c) Leading-edge slat throughout the complete span.
The air discharge is directed above the leading-edges of the ailerons and flaps, the width of the discharge slot being found by trial and error. Four widths of slot are available. The air ducts in the wing preclude the use of the normal coolant radiators and an evaporative cooling system has been evolved."
Any original drawing of the bf 109 S? I can't find the topic with those drawing,and I just want to know for wich version the wing was assigned(the F or the E?).
Space Projects / Re: Dream Chaser for CEV requirement
« Last post by bobbymike on Yesterday at 06:09:48 pm »

COLORADO SPRINGS—Sierra Nevada expects to receive aeroshell panels next month for the first orbital Dream Chaser, marking a key milestone in the run-up to the start of spaceplane assembly at the company’s Louisville, Colorado, facility.

The panels, along with the vehicle’s composite primary structure, are produced by Lockheed Martin, and form the bulk of the vehicle’s aerodynamic surfaces. The structural elements are coming together as Sierra Nevada continues through critical design review (CDR), the final phases of which are expected to be completed in July.
Missile Projects / Re: Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon (HCSW)
« Last post by sferrin on Yesterday at 01:44:12 pm »
Hydrogen fuel for a tactical air-launched, expendable?
Supposedly they've taken to Methane of late, but your point largely stands.

Liquid is bad enough for a weapon but make it cryogenic as well and you may as well forget it.
When those pics came up on FB, there were other pics included in the series/album, incl one of a vanilla sample the landcruiser vehicles used later by the the "pathfinder" guys in the early 80's round Ops Protea,circa 82 or thereabouts.

If I recall correctly the team were trying out a variety of vehicle/weapon combos as concepts for an envisaged AT component for airborne forces.
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