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wher it come from?
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: CAC Postwar Projects
« Last post by Abraham Gubler on Today at 03:14:21 am »
I only saw one file on the CA-23 at the Melbourne office of the National Archives of Australia. Unfortunately I missed the "Appreciation of Fighter CA 23 [1952]" from the private papers of H.P. Breen. The rest are in Canberra, including the very interesting looking Cabinet paper "Production of two prototypes of a long range all weather attack fighter aircraft CA 23 : Agendum Number - 129/1953 and Attachment : Date of Meeting - 20 August 1953". Which at two folios thick could be a gold mine. Alas this means I'll have to make a visit to our nation's capital.

I've data captured the 'Low speed wind tunnel investigation on the CA-23, a twin seat all weather fighter aircraft', D A Lemaire. This report details effects of various adjustments to the wing planform, flap size, with or without tails, dive brakes, etc. Primary purpose of these tests, carried out in Feb to Aug of 1951, were to explore the low tailplane position. Original position was a high T-tail, then to a position below the fin and both were destabilising.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Bede Designs
« Last post by Motocar on Today at 03:09:20 am »
Designation Systems / Re: Hawker designation list
« Last post by gwiz on Today at 02:47:27 am »
The Advanced Projects Group grew out of HSA's bid for Concorde, then studied the possibilities for what might be flying twenty years down the road.  Think their drawings were numbered APD-10xx (AP Drawing), but the projects were normally referred to as P.10xx.  This was a completely separated series from the main Hawker numbering system.  Project work tailed off from about 1971, after the death of Hugh Francis, and the Group morphed into the HQ Research Dept, overseeing all HSA research work.
Army Projects / Re: Sentinel ACIV
« Last post by Abraham Gubler on Today at 02:40:00 am »
Here a handful of AC1 pictures from the archive. The caption (actually a hand typed, half sized, tissue paper sheet inserted before the photo) of the AC1 bogged in the dried up river bed assures the reader that the tank was able to recover from this position under its own power.

In my previous post hawkeyes may have noticed the photo of nine cast hulls of Australian Cruiser Tanks stacked three up? Eight of these are AC3 hulls with a single AC1 in mid right. These hulls have been cast, heat treated and machined were needed and are ready for transport to the production line. 200 AC3s were ordered and there is an extensive folio in the National Archives of all the purchase orders that went out for all the sub-components. Then attached to each one is a 1943 dated stop work order.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Breguet 941 STOL and related projects
« Last post by Archibald on Today at 02:09:22 am »
Excellent !
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Mirage IIIK
« Last post by Archibald on Today at 02:08:24 am »
The Spey-engined Mirage IV (as alternative to the F-111 to replace the cancelled TSR.2) for the UK was designated IVK.

I DO know that google books is not a panacea by any mean, this said and duly aknowledged, a lot of peope and litterature called it "the spey Mirage"

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).: House of Commons official report
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
H.M. Stationery Office, 1966
Recent discovery.
DFS built one with the nacelles under the fuselage.
User Artwork / Re: Seaplanes sketches
« Last post by Orionblamblam on Today at 01:36:46 am »
Speaking as a guy who does a lot of computer aided drafting and 3D CAD modeling... there is a charm and a "life" to pen & ink that the precision of computers just can't match.
User Artwork / Re: Seaplanes sketches
« Last post by Hood on Today at 01:25:04 am »
These are wonderful sketches, thanks for sharing them with us.
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