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Was it one of these?
The bottom one is the mockup depicted in the book.  Will either of these be showing up in a furture USBP edition?

it's part one,they will complete in next issue.
Well, it arrived this morning and I have to say... WOW! This is basically:

Concorde - the British and French Secret Projects! (with some stuff about building Concorde tacked on)

Chapter 1 opens with the Miles SST (!), then goes onto the Armstrong Whitworth M-wing designs with original drawings, Avro's 735, Short's PD 22 and 29, Vickers Project X, Bristol's various Type 198s including VTOL version, de Havilland's DH 130, English Electric's P 30, Handley Page HP.128, Vickers-Supermarine Type 586/587 and Hawker Siddeley Type 1000, Type 1011, Type 1023 - ending with the Bristol Type 223.

Then Chapter 3 has all the French equivalents - lots of original Super Caravelles with canards from Sud, Dassault's version, Nord's MCS.2, a twin-tail Nord Mach 3 proposal, the military Super Caravelle etc.

Chapter 4 has some great (and previously unknown to me) American stuff including the Convair 58-9, Douglas Model 2229, an unknown Lockheed SST, North American M-3000 etc.

The second half of the book is the usual stuff about actually building Concorde. But the first half... pure secret projects gold!

Highly recommended!

EDIT: Shame about the cover though. Talk about underselling it!
Looks pretty good at first blush; I particularly like the cutaways of the different versions of the ALCM and the Tomahawk.

I take issue with the author's assertion that the short-lived Fairchild Bull Goose was ever designated the XB-73; I tend to agree with Lloyd Jones that the last missile to apparently get a designation in the "B-for-Bomber" series was the B-68 Titan.  Also, in the list of specifications at the end, the Snark is inadvertently referred to as the B-64/SM-64.
£26.66 on Amazon UK.

My main interest is in the 50s and 60s, and that seemed good.

there is a very good article on The Aviation Historian 25 magazine,fron Convair Skate to
Sea Dart 1946-1952.
There is a book out there on just the Regulus program,

Only 37 US$ while 46€ in Europe :'(
Outside of the weak coverage of TSSAM, it looks to be a pretty good book, judging by an initial scan.  It does have a lot on the ACM and a whole lot on the Tomahawk.  There is a book out there on just the Regulus program, and the efforts leading up to it, that I would recommend as a supplementary reference due to it's detail (the photos and write-up of the first attempted Loon launch from a surfaced submarine are quite something).
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Building Concorde - Tony Buttler - Crecy
« Last post by newsdeskdan on October 14, 2018, 03:44:50 am »
Seems to be already available. Still nobody reviewed or commented it.

Think I'm going to place the first order  ;)

Damn - been waiting so long for this - order placed!
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