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Missile Projects / Re: XAIM-97 Seekbat
« Last post by TomS on Today at 06:26:34 pm »
The F-15 mockup has to be around 1969 or 1970 (AIM-82 was cancelled in late 1970) and the F-15 that flew in 1972 had the wing and centerline hardpoint options. 

I'd guess they might have hung a single Seekbat on the centerline pylon, like they did for ASAT later.
Missile Projects / Re: US hypersonic weapons projects. (General)
« Last post by bring_it_on on Today at 05:11:51 pm »
Spending bill shifts OCO funding to base for IM-SHORAD

Congressional appropriators are supporting the Army's interim project to bolster maneuver forces in Europe against air and missile threats entirely through the base budget, following a trend to commit some of the service's assets in the region to long-term funding.

The fiscal year 2019 spending bill adopted by the Senate last week includes a $23 million transfer from the Overseas Contingency Operations account to the base account for the Initial Maneuver-Short-Range Air Defense, or IM-SHORAD, program, a battalion-level capability to be mounted on the Stryker combat vehicle.

The total $79 million in base research, development, test and evaluation funding also includes a $39 million decrease due to "program growth ahead of acquisition strategy."

The Army's vice chief of staff has approved a directed requirement for 144 systems by FY-22. The service plans to procure an initial prototype through an other transaction agreement by the end of FY-18, according to Steve Miller, operations chief in the Army's Cruise Missile Defense Systems project office.

The service aims to use the interim system, deemed an urgent need in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, to provide stability to Stryker and armored brigade combat teams and reassure NATO allies.

IM-SHORAD is the first part of the layered capability the Army envisions for air and missile defense, with any future system intended to complement the Indirect Fire Protection Capability.

The Army has chosen Leonardo DRS to supply the mission equipment package for IM-SHORAD, which includes Raytheon's Stinger missile.

The service's early efforts for SHORAD are focused on the Stinger and the humvee-mounted Avenger air defense system.

Meanwhile, the FY-19 spending bill cut $17.6 million from the Avenger modifications line in procurement funding, cited as "ahead of need" for IM-SHORAD.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Dive bomber with Gerät 104
« Last post by GWrecks on Today at 04:19:03 pm »
Hi guys :),

I`ve just found this drawing in here:

It is a rough sketch by Rheinmetall-Borsig on a carrier plane for their Gerät 104 Münchausen. The plan was to use it at a steep angle in order to penetrate the armoured deck of enemy battleships.
Concerning the aircraft depicted, it could well be just an aid to find the best mounting, or something already tought but not perfected. Notice the air brake, much like the one applied to the Do217. Other interesting features are the semirecessed engine mounts, high chord wings.
What do you think?

Back when I had a brief glance at this image I thought it was a He 111, but closer inspection implies otherwise. In that case, is this a new design or a redesign of some existing bomber? I know the Nazis would often modify their own aircraft to look much different from the original designs, so I don't imagine making extensive modification of an old design would be a far-off prospect. But I'm not sure.
 Some early answers...

18.09.1908 - 18.09.1912: "Die Weltschiffe (Afherschiffe) die den Verhehr zwischen Sternen ermoglichen sollen. Die Bewegung im Weltenraume" - "Космические корабли эфирные корабли), которые обеспечат сообщение между звездами. Движение в мировом пространстве" (article - Tsander's diaries)

06/11/1912 - 1913 : "Aeronautics and space flights" (Tsander's diaries)

10/22/1913 - 05/21/1919 : Calculations, graphs, sketches FA. Tsander ("Miscellaneous from the field of aeronautics, aeronautics and space flights, on the design of a high-flying, hermetically sealed airplane, which must fly like an arrow"). "Разное из области воздухоплавания. Воздухоплавание и космические полеты. О конструкции высоколетающего, герметически закрытого аэроплана, который должен летать как стрела"

source: Archives of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Space Projects / Re: SERV - 1971 VTOVL alternate shuttle proposal
« Last post by sienar on Today at 03:51:21 pm »
My favorite unbuilt space transporter. NASA links are dead, but I have a copy of the final report if anyone needs it. What are the allowed file hosters for the forum?

Do you still have these? You should be able to directly upload pdfs here.
Naval Projects / Re: Big Gun submarines
« Last post by GWrecks on Today at 03:41:16 pm »
I've wondered if it would of been possible to mount a self contained rocket launch system using the shore bombardment rockets employed in WWII amphibious landings on a Gato Class and use them for attacking Japanese held islands with the object of targeting airfields. If possible it would be a lot cheaper than employing a carrier with it's surface group. Fire off the rockets. Submerge, cast off the rocket pod and let it sink. The sub then goes off to do what subs do.

Didn't that one Soviet amphibious assault submarine have a bunch of rocket tubes for shore bombardment?

I forget the source that said that, though. GlobalSecurity maybe?
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Dart Weasel trainer aircraft
« Last post by Apophenia on Today at 03:09:55 pm »
The Aeroplane, December 15, 1939, still lists the Dart Weasel as a "Project". Details listed match those in Flight.

As avion ancien said, its unlikely that construction of the Weasel ever began.
Army Projects / Re: Entwicklungsfahrzeug series
« Last post by poky on Today at 01:23:30 pm »
A guy named Fritz Hahn wrote a book waffen und geheimwaffen he is the first to make the claim that the E-5 was a real thing, only wrote a couple of lines about it where he mostly talks about the Borgward with 6 panzerschreks which is of course not the E-5, the book is full off mistakes and other then the V-2 parts which he worked on its not worth getting.
The Rutcher part of the panzerkleinzerstorer project also claimed by some to be the E-5, started by
So far there are no original documents that name the E-5.
I think the E-5 got misunderstood for panzerkleinzerstorer project as this is around the same time, similar weight and role   
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Pre-1940 long range airliner projects
« Last post by lleu on Today at 01:05:18 pm »

Lockheed Constellation - From Excalibur to Starliner by Dominique Brefford
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