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Aerospace / Re: Eurofighter Typhoon
« Last post by mrmalaya on Yesterday at 11:18:52 pm »
Well it's what the UK have done in the first instance, but are they talking about new jets or spreading the fleet more thinly?
Grigori is officially 'second-in-command' for the forum. He probably couldn't do the server admin though :)
The Bar / Re: Aerotrain
« Last post by starviking on Yesterday at 10:04:39 pm »
Nice! But... the music... the narrator... Gah!
Aerospace / Re: Chengdu J-20 news, pictures, analysis Part III
« Last post by Blitzo on Yesterday at 10:01:56 pm »

Every time I see a pic of that plane it just looks so godly oversize... Its like an f-22 went on a cycle of nandrolone and testosterone. But as I understand its that big because its an uber long range power projection tool.

Considering the aircraft is basically meant to be an F-22 with longer range... it shouldn't be a surprise.

If anything, when thinking about the westpac threat environment that both sides will face and the likely dearth of air refuellers and forward air bases, imo it is the F-22 which looks small and under sized for that area of operation rather than J-20 as over sized.

Has anyone, some whiz kid, done a hypothetical rcs calculation?

Depends on what your opinion of Carlo Kopp is.

Forgive a naive question, but have the chicoms ever announced the total planned buy?

Nope. if they did that would be an exception to the rule.
And RAP posted some scans which I think are the source of your information.,2014.msg213209.html#msg213209

Its been a while Paul, but I'm assuming you could be right!

Military / Re: Standard SM-3 News & Dev.
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 06:42:25 pm »
Yes, but it exercises that capability within a NATO task group.

They did a Precision Cue based SM-3 intercept back in ASD-15 within a NATO task group.

The Bar / Aerotrain
« Last post by sferrin on Yesterday at 06:39:03 pm »

Aerospace / Re: Eurofighter Typhoon
« Last post by Deltafan on Yesterday at 06:35:18 pm »
Germany favors Eurofighter as it seeks to replace Tornado

The last month, the chief of the German air force indicated that he preferred Lockheed Martinís F-35
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