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The Reanimator comes again...
the report says:
"Two typical missions for the tactical fighter can be used to
illustrate the effect of drag increase on mission range (Fig. 3).
The aircraft must be able to fly at the supersonic speeds required
for the intercept mission. However, a major requirement
is the tactical support mission flown at subsonic speeds
under nonafterburning conditions."

This is VFAX, definitively.
Yes it's VG. Sorry. Just a question, are the two photos shots of the same model?
Are we sure that this is a serious model?
It looks rather like some whatif modeller took apart a F-111 and re-assembled the central fuselage upside down.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Mirage IIIK
« Last post by dan_inbox on Today at 02:15:18 am »
There is some fanboy's fanfic on this subject at
Quote from: The Empire's Twilight Wiki
BAC/Dassault Mirage IIIK
The BAC/Dassault Mirage FAW.1 (known as Mirage IIIK to Dassault) was an all weather fighter operated by the RAF and Royal Navy. It was developed by BAC from Dassault's proven Mirage III family of aircraft.

Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Blohm&Voss P.214
« Last post by dan_inbox on Today at 01:43:36 am »
in English at least, "torpedo" originally referred to an explosive charge or naval mine. Hence, the "Bangalore torpedo" that sapper's use for clearing wire obstacles and mine fields (what we think of as a torpedo these days was at first called an "automotive torpedo" or "fish torpedo").
AFAIK, the early naval torpedoes were not self-propelled, but fixed at the end of a spar at the bow of the attacking torpedo-ram ship, which would try to ram it through the side of its target and detonate the explosives.
Any thoughts on what the under-nose trainable quad-tube launcher on the model of the WG.44 is?
Is it meant to be trainable defensive AAM armament or a small-calibre air-ground rocket?

I think this design should be related to this patent:
Slightly different view of the F-14 single tail mockup:
Space Projects / Re: BAe HOTOL
« Last post by PaulMM (Overscan) on Today at 12:11:08 am »
Interim HOTOL designs

The An-225/Interim Hotol launch vehicle R. PARKINSON, British Aerospace Space and Communications, Ltd., Stevenage, England
Yep, its VG, and my gut feeling is it's aimed at VAX or VFAX rather than TFX. No clear evidence to date, perhaps Allyson could comment on the origin of the original association of this model with TFX?
Space Projects / Re: BAe HOTOL
« Last post by PaulMM (Overscan) on Yesterday at 11:41:28 pm »
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