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Aerospace / Re: Grumman C-2 Greyhound
« Last post by TomS on Today at 04:30:51 am »
The references are incorrect.  All the current aircraft are C-2A(R)s.  They were updated in 2010 with the 8-bladed NP2000 props from the Hawkeyes but that didn't give them a new designation.
The Bar / Re: Nuclear Weapons - Discussion.
« Last post by kaiserd on Today at 04:21:36 am »
If we could have a reasoned, reasonable discussion then esoteric concerns such as if policy can exist without politics wouldn’t come into it.
However the consistent conduct of some contributors has been atrocious in this regard, will others have been complicit in this apparent attempt to intimidate and drive away anyone who dissents in this strange campaign of territoriality.
Some of the contributors here (who make the most vicious partisan political posts then attack others who go anywhere near anything remotely political) who appear intent on turning this site into a Breitbart style site for those of a similar political outlook.
I would call on the moderators and other contributors to address this.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: AEG Projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 04:20:54 am »
My dear Tuizentfloot,

can we speak about all AEG seaplanes and flying boats ?,I know they had a four different
designs,F I,flying boat of 1914 and a floatplane,what was the fourth ?.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: EWR VJ-101C/D/E VTOL fighter projects
« Last post by uk 75 on Today at 04:15:35 am »
I have been trying to find my copy of a 1964 edition of Fighting Planes by William Green, image attached.

There is an excellent page about the VJ 101 D with pics of models and I think, a drawing of the two seater.

If anyone has a copy and could scan the page?  I think it is old enough to be out of copyright.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Unknown little flying boat
« Last post by hesham on Today at 04:05:44 am »
Looks like an eBay watermark, or part of one. It looks like "PLERSCHU", whatever that means.

OK,that's nice,but hard to find,and for my dear Richard,do you mean WWII period ?.
Aerospace / Grumman C-2 Greyhound
« Last post by walter on Today at 04:03:00 am »
Is there a C-2C version????
Always thought that the Greyhound was built as C-2A (first batch) and C-2A(R) (second batch).
I saw quite some pictures on of a C-2C and sofar have been unable to find details. My personal guess is that (if the C-2C exists) this may have to do with the new 8-bladed props and other upgrades.
Can anyone help?
Thank you
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Potez pre-1945 projects
« Last post by blackkite on Today at 03:24:28 am »
Oh!!! Thanks a lot. :D
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: RAF: Secret Jets of Cold War Britain
« Last post by Geist on Today at 03:22:17 am »
Another excellent publication by Dan Sharp, I don't know of any other author who can produce such densely packed bookazines' so many great reproductions of original illustrations and great art by Daniel Uhr and Luca Landino (a shame that Daniel's SR177 has disappeared into the fold of the book though).
I hadn't realised that the Avro Canada CF105 compared so badly with The large Fairey for instance, it was always my favourite choice to enter service.
I remember reading somewhere that Roland Beamont was very impressed with the EE P8 apart from his exasperation with British designers not giving enough attention to all-round visibility and in particular , the terrible rearward view.
Thoroughly recommend this book, hoping for a follow up on OR339 now!

Thank you for enjoying the work ;)
Cheers Daniel
The Bar / Re: Rearming the UK: What equipment? and how much?
« Last post by Hood on Today at 02:53:34 am »
138 always seemed an ambitious number, especially given how far the fast jet squadrons have been cut back in recent years.
I wouldn't be surprised though to see some F-35s saved at the expense of serious cuts elsewhere. The sword will fall somewhere, be it amphibious capability, carriers, Royal Marines, jets, helicopters, or Army. Its just a matter of what gets chopped off.
User Artwork / Re: Motocar's Cutaway drawings
« Last post by Motocar on Today at 02:49:01 am »
Drawing of early concepts for a light Supersonic racing aircraft ....! Recently I placed them among my papers, they had more than 20 years saved ...!
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