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Designation Systems / Re: August Euler Aircraft
« Last post by Tuizentfloot on Today at 07:11:31 am »
And here the other Euler types:


1. Chanute type gliders (1909). Three built by Euler (an example had been delivered by Voisin).


1. Eindecker Nr. 1 (August 1911). With 4-wheeled undercarriage (in pairs in tandem). Gnome, 70 HP.

2. Monoplane (first flight 28 September 1912). Single seater with viewing panels in the fuselage. Gnome, 50 HP.

3. Taube-like monoplanes (1913). Three built for the Prussian army. Argus, 95 HP, or Daimler, 85 HP. An original Taube had earlier been delivered by Rumpler to Euler.

4. Typ Nr. 5 (1913). Racing monoplane, ressembling the earlier 1912 monoplane. Adler, 80 HP.


1. Großer Gelber Hund with frontal engine (October 1912). Daimler, 70 HP.

2. Biplane with staggered wings (February 1913). Argus, 100 HP.

3. B I = Doppeldecker Typ 1914 (1914-1915). Licence production of LVG B I (with adaptations). Daimler, 100 HP.

4. Biplane with engine aft (1915). Gnome, 100 HP.

5. Biplanes with engine aft and armed with machine guns in different arrangements (End 1915); Daimler, 160 HP.

6. Cabin biplane with engine ahead and armed with fixed machine gun (January 1916); Daimler, 160 HP.

7. Cabin biplane with engine aft and armed with fixed machine gun (February 1916); Daimler, 120 HP.

8. C I (built in 1916). Daimler, 160 HP.

9. D I (1916-1917). Oberursel, 80-100 HP.

10. D II (1917-1918). Oberursel, 100 HP.

11. D 5 (May 1918). Daimler, 160 HP.

12. D 6 (April 1918). Siemens, 160 HP.

13. D 7 (August 1918). Daimler, 160 HP.

14. D 9 (1918). Daimler, 200 HP.

15. D 10 (July 1918). Daimler, 160 HP.

16. B III (1918). Licence production of LVG B III (with modifications).


1. Dreidecker Nr. 1 (1911). Pusher with Gnome.

2. Dreidecker Nr. 2 (January 1913). Argus, 100 HP (engine ahead).

3. Triplane flying boat (1913). Gnome, 100 HP.

4. Triplane (December 1916). Two seater side-by-side. Daimler, 220 HP.

5. DR 4 (April 1917). Oberursel, 160 HP.

6. DR 5 (April 1917). Daimler, 160 HP.

7. DR 6 (March 1918). Goebel, 160 HP.

8. DR 7 (May 1918). Goebel, 110 HP.

9. DR 9 (1918). Siemens & Halske, 110 HP.


1. D 4 (April 1918). Gnome, 100 HP.
I heard that he (Dr Brobet) is the one that designed the mille feuille prior to that...

Is there any more info? Such as other photos of the model....

No more as I know.
Is there any more info? Such as other photos of the model....
From Ailes 4/1946,

and in completing to this group of amazing ideas,here is a concepts from; Mr. R. Ruhard
for brilliant flying wing or tailless airplanes,Mr. Cussat-Blanc and Mr. Chauville.
Designation Systems / Re: Mignet aircraft
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:14:16 am »
From Ailes 4/1946,

the MH.290 drawing.
Avionics / Re: AWG-10 WCS and APG-59 Radar
« Last post by Wolfhound on Yesterday at 01:11:27 pm »
Does anyone know what the differences between the AWG-10A and AWG-10B were, particularly from an operator's (RIO) as well as performance standpoint?
Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Amazing Airplane Ideas from 1946
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 05:18:48 am »

I hope we consider those airplanes are just for know a new ideas and concepts,many help
in the future.

From Ailes 23/3/1946,here is a strange idea by the amateur, Albert Denis.
Damon Knight, CV, 1985

United States

USS Bluefields
'Helicopter Carrier', class not specified.
No other details provided.

Plot summary: The year is 1998. The prototype sea habitat Sea Venture capable of carrying 3000 people, 2000 of them permanent residents has just set sail on it's maiden voyage, as it crosses the Pacific Ocean, a strange disease of unknown origin strikes.

Note (Spoiler): Damon Knight (1922 - 2002) was a science fiction author most well known for the short story 'To Serve Man'. This novel was the first in a trilogy dealing with the arrival of an alien life-form which has curious effects on the human psyche. Dating the story was almost impossible, as there are no specifics, save one scene in which a character discusses a traumatic event in 1973 and states it took place 25 years previous to the time of the story.

This is another 'Future of the Past' story, but the back history is only quickly sketched in, with references to riots in London in the late 80s and the destruction of Tel Aviv (by nuclear weapon?) at some point before the story begins. Like many authors Knight makes no reference to the internet, which started to become prominent in the real world around the time the story is set.

Other novels exhibiting this 'future of the past' quality I've covered are 'Thirty-Four East' (1974), 'The Hastings Conspiracy' (1980) (Both by Alfred Coppel), 'North Star Crusade' (1976) (William Katz), 'Side-Wall' (1982) (Geoff Hunt),  'The Phoenix Odyssey' (1986) (Richard P. Henrick) and 'End Game', 2011 (Matthew Glass), along with what is probably the most well known 'alternative history' sequence, 'Raise the Titanic' (1976), 'Vixen 03' (1978), 'Night Probe' (1981) & 'Deep Six' (1984) (All by Clive Cussler) which are set in an alternative 1980s (The novels are set between 1987 ('Raise the Titanic') & 1989 ('Deep Six').) with many differences from what actually happened, most notably Canada being absorbed by the United States (Something Cussler quietly dropped in later novels.).
Alternative History and Future Speculation / fictional history of real Uboot
« Last post by airman on Yesterday at 03:16:05 am »
 U-96  (  in " Das Boot ")  1981
U-612  (  in " Das Boot "  2019  TV Series
U-571  ( film " U-571" )
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