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Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Books from Harpia-Publishing
« Last post by Deino on Today at 06:29:32 am »
For anyone interested: Closely following and complementing the two recent books on the Chinese Naval Aviation (April 2018) and the regular Air Force (due out in October 2018), with this third volume on the Army Aviation all three major PLA branches are covered.

Hope you like them   ;)
That's right my dear Pometablava,and here is the table.
Actually, the B-47 diagrams have all been scanned. But given that it's 3:39 in the morning...

Ah, long about the "Twelfth of Never", then?

Naw, naw, any day now. Really and for true. My promise of speed is as trustworthy as a politicians claims.
Ah, the "real soon now" beloved of software developers. :)

No importa, I'll purchase it when it becomes available.  What you have posted might be enough to do something in 1/144 scale.
Many thanks, hesham, I see that's nothing comparable to a definitive Italian Secret Projects from Crecy  ;)

My dear Pometablava,

I have the first book,some unbuilt Projects,but very few.
Museums, Events & Shows / International Powered Lift Conference
« Last post by Harrier on Yesterday at 03:36:05 am »
I will be giving a presentation looking at the design of ASTOVL projects over 40 years, and how some of the most important work got forgotten during the JSF programme.

It will also look at how future eVTOL air taxis (Uber and the like) may be able to learn from this.

Not a cheap event, but ASTOVL seldom is! If it is your thing though, this is the event.
Very light on paper projects.
Books by the author in general are mostly about machines that actually flew. How does this one fare in terms of "paper" projects ?

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