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Space Projects / Re: Project HOT EAGLE-- Marine Space Transport
« Last post by Orionblamblam on Yesterday at 07:20:09 pm »
Even one passenger in an x-37b would be a harrowing experience.

The reality:

General Badass announces to a room full of special forces operators:
"We will stuff you in a spaceplane and shoot you across the sky at Mach 18. You will experience 6 g's at takeoff, and variable between 0 g's and 5 g's as you skip across the upper atmosphere. You will abandon the vehicle at 120,000 feet for a HALO jump into enemy territory while wearing an ill-fitting spacesuit made by the lowest bidder, breaking the speed of sound as you fall. You will land in a small compound with four of your fellows where you will rescue American captives from the stupid unteachable monsters who are currently holding them. You will then hold the compound from the onslaught of an expected 3,000 assailants for a minimum of five hours until conventional forces can be flown to support you. We can only send five of you at this time on this harrowing experience which chances are you will not survive. Who wants in?"

The news the following day says that the military had to deploy a combination of sleep gas and ED-209 droids to quell the riot as the operators started beating the hell out of each other for the chance to be first in line.

"This will harrow, yes, your very soul" is an *enticement* to exactly the sort of people we want to rocket across the planet to apply boot to ass for Uncle Sam.
Space Projects / Re: Project HOT EAGLE-- Marine Space Transport
« Last post by kcran567 on Yesterday at 06:44:41 pm »
It was a joke...the smallest possible vehicle like an x-37b for 5 Marines squeezed, and parachuting in would be a farce. Even10-30 in a larger vehicle seems like a low number. Even one passenger in an x-37b would be a harrowing experience. 
Naval Projects / Re: 1990s US Navy concept, possible replacement for USS Parche
« Last post by TomS on Yesterday at 06:04:23 pm »
Popular Mechanics seems to have lifted most of your article.  I hope they had the good grace to ask first.
Yes, but a clearly different design.  Vought has been a major subcontractor on Boeing airliners since at least the 747 so it would make sense they would want a piece of the action with the 2707-300.

Enjoy the Day!  Mark
Amazing find my dear Mark.

TC-GMLRS conducts successful test flight

"Hit M3.8 at burnout" Very nice now load these on a B-52 or a surface ship by the hundreds.
Good Day All -

Pretty much the Vought design in Post #78....

Enjoy the Day! Mark
Good Day All -

A pair of Vought drawings of what appears to be the 2707-300 - would surmise this was what Vought was looking to build as a subcontractor.

Enjoy the Day! Mark
Good Day All -

Vought drawing - possibly V-505.

Enjoy the Day! Mark
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