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Aerospace / Re: Assault on Bin Laden: mystery of the downed chopper
« Last post by RavenOne on Today at 04:47:12 pm »
Yes, according to most responsible and authoritative reporting going back to 1987.

Despite the absence of available noise reduction options/retrofits
for the S-70/UH-60 family + derivatives (S-76 and S-92)?

With ever tightening noise regulations, you should have seen something by now.

I'm not super familiar with helicopter noise regs, but it looks like the new, more stringent Stage 3 rules only apply to new helicopter types, so there may not be a pressing market for hushkits on existing aircraft. 

Also, the lack of commercial S-70s might be a factor -- there really don't seem to be any true civilian users at all, just military and a few paramilitary or police users.

Yes there are a lot of former army UH-60A hitting the commercial marketplace last few years.

And S-70i International Blackhawk entering service with likes of LA County FD, Polish Police etc

Here’s Heliops poster of all commercial UH-60A and S-70i


Aerospace / Re: Airbus A380 family
« Last post by JeffB on Today at 04:28:25 pm »
My two cents is on the fact that global growth has petered off, especially in the wealthy west as a result of governments pushing trendy neoliberal budgets. Add to that that many industries have capitalised on the benefits of globalising their supply chains and reducing their labor costs with the result that a lot of relatively wealthy westerners who five years ago might have considered a  transcontinental vacation, simply can't afford to any more or don't feel secure enough in their employment to take that time off.

The A380 success plan was always based on the hope that the booming tourism business of the 80s and 90s would continue on, global growth would keep up and more and more people would be vacationing at destinations at least one ocean away. Sadly, that hasn't happened and, as pointed out above, modifying B777, B787 class aircraft to carry slightly more people, has covered the slow increase in people still travelling.

In the long run, I guess Boeing betted on the winner, that the B787 was the way to go. Although, not for the reasons they originally thought.
Aerospace / Re: Airbus A380 family
« Last post by LowObservable on Today at 03:47:14 pm »
What nobody expected in 2000-2006 was that the 787 and 777 could get a virtually free ~11% economy-class capacity boost, as one airline after another went from 9-across to 10-across on the 777 and ordered 9-across on the Screamliner.

This resulted in narrower seats than the 707/737 standard - which itself was designed when airlines dreamed about >70% load factors (so the middle seat was often vacant) and was moreover based on the "best available" anthropometric data. Which in turn was drawn from the WW2 draft intake, which was full of Depression-era kids.

Fortunately, the airline biz can pack the one-trip-per-year cattle in the back and use "premium economy" (that is, what the econ seat used to be) to reward business travelers for favoring their brand when they spend their employers' money. Even more fortunately, this is not classified as bribery, although the ethical distinction between this system and (for example) Fat Leonard is hard to discern.
Aerospace / Re: Features dropped from final production f-22
« Last post by Steven on Today at 02:39:37 pm »

Interestingly, the CAD image shows that several fuselage bulkhead frames behind the radome appear to have a notch cutout at the bottom. Perhaps that is to accommodate the compartment for a chin-mounted IRST? Are there any other diagrams or pictures showing that compartment or what's in it? I wonder if that compartment is still empty or if it has been used for some other purpose.
Aerospace / Re: France and Germany to develop new european fighter jet
« Last post by Deltafan on Today at 01:14:35 pm »
Just a nice image of it...
Thanks for the drawing buttmutt :)
Nice :)
Now that is a stubborn IFR probe  ;D

The IFR probe certainly does not help the overall stealth of the fighter.
Aerospace / Re: Cyclogyros aircraft
« Last post by hesham on Today at 10:01:26 am »
Aerospace / Re: Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit
« Last post by Mat Parry on Today at 08:31:35 am »
I could tell you about it, but then I'd have to dunk you head first in a bucket of chlorosulfonic acid.

"A further object of the invention is to prevent the formation of a jet engine contrail by introducing a uncleating substance into the aircraft exhaust stream thereby producing smaller, less visible particles rather than the larger visible particles which would ordinarily be produced as a product of combustion of the jet fuel".

I bet you 20 quid the patent examiner didn't realise this was a typo, they probably  assumed uncleating = the opposite of nucleating .... :P
Aerospace / Re: Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit
« Last post by TomS on Today at 07:36:56 am »
Original LIB-28 purpose was revealed somewhat 20 years ago in AWST

The proposal described in the article for decoy or jammer missiles sound very much like MALD/MALD-J.

Aerospace / Space Harpoon
« Last post by FighterJock on Today at 07:06:59 am »
A British built space harpoon has been demonstrated attaching itself to a orbital debris target in space.  Hopfully one day this will be used to clean up old space junk.
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