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Military / Re: "Flashback:" Americas Tsar Bomb
« Last post by Zootycoon on Today at 09:37:21 am »
The wedge fins (on the image in the link) look very X15;- Does this indicate a very high speed, high altitude stability requirement? in which case the body behind the conical W41 would be a big solid fuel rocket. This would be to high loft the the W41 away from the B52.

Maybe a means to test the W41 or an EMP experiment?
The Bar / Re: Nuclear Weapons - Discussion.
« Last post by bobbymike on Yesterday at 10:12:00 pm »
Aerospace / Re: Advanced Full Range Engine (AFRE) (TBCC)
« Last post by sferrin on Yesterday at 04:24:51 pm »
I sincerely hope they're not just trying to figure out boring old pre-compressor cooling.  It took them about 5 minutes to figure that out for the F-4 Phantom Skyburner flights back in the day.
Aerospace / Re: Advanced Full Range Engine (AFRE) (TBCC)
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 03:32:41 pm »
Possibly related (my highlight).


"Future of NASA's Aerosciences Capability"  by Schuster and D'Agostino
Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by kcran567 on Yesterday at 02:30:52 pm »
Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by Flyaway on Yesterday at 01:05:39 pm »
Not sure why that was even worth the effort of an article.  I guess it gets them clicks for the faux outrage factor.

Probably because a lot of the general public didnít know this.
Aerospace / Re: Northrop Grumman B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber
« Last post by Flyaway on Yesterday at 12:50:29 pm »
Short-term funding could delay B-21 delivery

Development and delivery of the US Air Forceís B-21 stealth bomber could stall if Congress passes yet another short term funding bill that would freeze the Pentagonís spending limit at previous fiscal year levels, a senior USAF official warns.
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