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Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Italian Heavy Fighters
« Last post by Ifor on Today at 08:29:10 am »
I really do hope the do an Italian or Axis secret projects at sometime.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: PRC Peking Red Banner 1
« Last post by famvburg on Today at 08:17:44 am »
Thanks! It seems to indicate only the prototype at the time of writing and suspected if their were no development problems, it would have a long production life. It is interesting that it was actually based on the Yak-12 and not the An-2. Another thing I disagree with the book is classing the An-2 with the DHC-2. IMO, there is too much difference in the two. Even the DHC-3 doesn’t compare to the An-2, again, IMO. Thanks for the info.
I have wondered about the engine for a while.
Whilst i am sure there is some parts commonality with civilian models..running a fleet of less than 150 airframes on a unique afterburning engine can't be easy.

Still, to re-engine with a 404 would probably entail new build might as well start afresh instead of a 30 year design.
The Bar / Re: The interlude/theme music you touched by
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 07:46:19 am »

Rest in Peace.

That is pretty much the case.  In some of the research I did at the National Archives, I saw reports stating that Concorde economics weren't good, even by 1960's standards.  I remember seeing information TWA turned over to McNamara about this.  Sadly, I didn't copy these things, but any of the American designs would have been either more profitable than Concorde, or at least less of a loss.

While I don't recall seeing economic analyses like the one I posted of the NAC-60, I suspect they're out there, somewhere, to be discovered.
Aerospace / Re: Kosmos-2499
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 07:08:26 am »

While Ms Poblete did not specify which Russian satellite she was talking about, military analysts believe it was one of a set launched on June 23. A month later, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced it had launched “a small-sized spacecraft has separated from a space platform in order to inspect condition of the Russian satellite.”

Kosmos 2521 was believed deployed from another satellite, Kosmos 2519. Close by is another satellite, Kosmos 2523.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Postwar Payen projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 06:30:04 am »
Thanks for sharing Hesham

Ant service my dear Deltafan.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Italian Heavy Fighters
« Last post by hesham on Today at 06:26:55 am »
Wow,many thanks my dear MC72.
You made my day,thank you my dear Flateric.
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