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Military / Re: AFRL Gray Wolf Cruise Missile
« Last post by marauder2048 on Today at 02:36:47 pm »
Possibly Related:

L3 Technologies Inc., Communications Systems-West, Salt Lake City, Utah, has been awarded a $9,000,000
indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract to explore technologies enabling cooperative engagement in degraded
communication environments for the next generation of munitions.  Work will be performed in Salt Lake City, Utah,
and is expected to be complete by January 2025. This contract is the result of a competitive acquisition and two bids
were received. Fiscal 2017 research and development funds in the amount of $1,680,000 are being obligated at
the time of award. Air Force Research Laboratory, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, is the contracting activity (FA8651-18-D-0015).
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Focke-Wulf projects
« Last post by Justo Miranda on Today at 01:42:57 pm »
I agree , only as a sketch.
Missile Projects / Re: Multi-Object Kill Vehicle (MOKV)
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 01:30:26 pm »
Hostility towards the idea of actually defending yourself is odd.  Deterrence at its heart means I kill you if you kill me.  You commit yourself to being a passive spectator watching incoming missiles destroy your population.  You also have the macabre obligation to retaliate and kill the enemy population for no purpose other than post mortem revenge.  A missile defense system working perfectly kills nobody.

The proposition of MAD requires rational actors, robust control over weaponry (accidents/rogue launch), and reliable intelligence over the disposition of the enemy's intent.  The Soviets had almost convinced themselves that the US was committed  to attack and were ready to act on the basis of a false sensor readings (Able Archer).  Relying upon the mental stability and character of Kim Jong Un is not sound policy (unless you are professionally ignorant about his already known track record).

Statements that missile defense is impossible and no different than "alien defense lasers" are absurd and require impossible conspiracies involving thousands of people working on missile defense systems and tests.
Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by Flyaway on Today at 01:16:09 pm »
And now it starts to get really political.

The Zuma failure has emboldened critics of SpaceX

Taxpayers are tired of getting ripped off," a professional coalition builder wrote.

Now, at least one of the post-Zuma criticisms can be linked to SpaceX's competitors in the launch industry: Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the parent companies of United Launch Alliance. A recent opinion article in Forbes raised like-minded concerns about SpaceX's reliability under the rubric of "doubts." This was authored by Loren Thompson, chief operating officer of The Lexington Institute, which derives revenue from contributions by Lockheed, Boeing, and other major defense companies.

Thompson's article appeared to be coordinated with a hearing on commercial spaceflight this week in the US House. While most representatives asked good, probing questions about delays in the commercial crew program—the effort by Boeing and SpaceX to build spacecraft to carry astronauts to the International Space Station—Congressman Mo Brooks was an exception.

Brooks represents the northern tier of Alabama, including the Decatur region where United Launch Alliance builds its rockets. During the hearing, Brooks said, "I'm going to read from an article that was published earlier this week, entitled 'Doubts about SpaceX reliability persist as astronaut missions approach,' it was in Forbes magazine." Brooks, who has received about $70,000 in donations from Lockheed and Boeing during his Congressional career, then went on to read critical parts of the piece into the record
Missile Projects / Re: Multi-Object Kill Vehicle (MOKV)
« Last post by sferrin on Today at 01:01:00 pm »
But with possible irrational actors as has been mentioned you would actually want a defensive system so your only response is not nuking them back.

Not only that but without defenses, even if you did nuke them back, you still get nuked.  The whole concept of intentionally leaving yourself defenseless just does not compute. 
The model *appears* to have a much shorter rocket motor than HiBEX. This would make sense for an upper stage. HiBEX needed the ginormous motor to accelerate fast through the thick lower atmosphere; an upper stage would be slight less horrifically constrained. This thing also seems to have a far longer and narrower nozzle than HiBEX or either stage of Sprint.

It also *seems* to have more freon. This would indicate that maneuvering is very important, appropriate for a hit-to-kill upper stage.
Missile Projects / Re: Multi-Object Kill Vehicle (MOKV)
« Last post by bobbymike on Today at 12:41:53 pm »
We'll have to agree to disagree then.  I don't think leaving the country exposed to nuclear attack is desirable.
So then you don't believe deterrence works. That's twice you've said that now.

I believe airbags work.  I still put my seatbelt on though.  YMMV.
But with possible irrational actors as has been mentioned you would actually want a defensive system so your only response is not nuking them back.
Well Upstage was definitely real enough, and as Boeing built the original HiBEX it seems likely they at least had a proposal for the UpSTAGE as well.

That said, this looks like the HiBEX itself. That coiled tube appears to be the "finjector" freon tank.

HiBEX was very different than this.  The fineness ratio is all wrong for one thing.  Maybe an early THAAD KV?  This things diameter appears to be about 10.4".
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Antonov projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 12:13:03 pm »
In my files,

there was a five versions of An-3,two of them had a different shapes from we know.
Designation Systems / Re: Messerschmitt Designations until 1945
« Last post by sienar on Today at 12:12:49 pm »
Willy Messerschmit, Pioneer of Aviation Design states that the project list was maintained by Hans Hornung, who told the Americans when interrogated that the list ended at 1112. However there were some designs that were not assigned project numbers or were not part of the master list, principally lippisch designs.

Also noteworthy is that it mentions that Willy Messerschmitt personally participated very extensively in design work on P1107, with an eye to post-war commercial use of a similar design/layout. I would guess that any such passenger design would be kept off the master list for obvious reasons.

Or another possibility:
In April 1945, Profs Messerschmitt and Madelung were first arrested by members of the French forces (MIST: Mission d'Information Scientifique et Technique) before been handed over to the American ones.
The MIST also found one part of Messerschmitt archives at Wertach (Around 2500 documents, including drawings of the P.1101, that were translated at Paris by the STAe -Service Technique de l'Aéronautique- before being transmitted 3 weeks later to the Allied, early in June).
Source: Fanatique de l'Aviation, "1945: Les Français capturent Willy Messerschmitt" by Olivier Huwart. September & October 2001 issues.

AIAA - Paperclips French Style 2009-962 gives a couple extra details

"Robert J Woods arrived in Oberammergau on May 21 1945. The Americans were searching Voldemar Voigt, the
designer of Project P1101; Voigt tell them about the four caches, Woods and his team found the first three very
rapidly. The fourth canister was hidden in the basement of a house in Wertach (Allgau), the French Army was there
and had found 23 canisters and 8 metal tubes. This finding was important some 2500 documents, around 400 to 450
most important documents were totalling some 30000 pages: Technical notes, plans for the turbojet fighter project
Me P1101, with two set of wing sweep values."
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