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My copy of Luftwaffe Secret Project Profiles arrived today.

Well, it's certainly full of large and colourful side profiles of secret German aircraft projects. Each chapter has a full-colour three-view as well. It is definitely impressive on a first look. But I am not sure that it is as "indispensable reading for enthusiasts and modellers alike" as the back cover claims.

There is a useful historical overview, written to Dan Shapr's usual high standards and illustrated by a selection of original design drawings. The profiles too are accompanied by handy summaries. It brings together Dan's researches over several previous volumes in the series, and as such is very handy. But much detail is lost in the summarising and, if you already have those previous volumes, I would hardly call it "indispensible" to the enthusiast. The profiles are reproduced too large to fit enough text round them for that to happen.

Turning to the profiles, they are very nice and top marks to Daniel Uhr - as far as they go. But for the modeller there are only a few 3-views, one per chapter, which means that the information needed for an accurate model is missing. One has to work from those earlier volumes and/or take an expensive limited-edition resin kit on trust. The colours and markings are, of course, imaginative renderings of what might have been. Nevertheless they are not wildly improbable, they lend a delightful air of authenticity to the brew. It is a fine source book of ideas but the modeller is frankly better off with those previous volumes, which contained a wealth of drawings and physical data to work from.

Nevertheless, as a historically up-to-date and attractive overview of the weird-and-wonderfulness of German WWII jet projects, it cannot be beaten. It is a great way in to the subject, an ideal topic for a bookazine, and I wish it all success.
I will be giving another talk at the RAeS in April. 60+ years of supersonic STOVL (and 50 years of the Harrier in service).
More great stuff Dans!

Just got my digital edition of "Luftwaffe: Secret Project Profiles" from Pocketmags:  They also have the rest of Dan's previous titles and other's similar work under the "Aviation Classics" heading here:
There's another Black Jets book issued as a compendium of articles from WAPJ.
B-2 chapter by Bill Sweetman is extended/updated stuff from Inside the Stealth Bomber
Can be found at used book stores. Can recommend as well.

Thanks for that info, XP.

500 Fan
Luftwaffe: Secret Project Profiles features more than 200 highly-detailed full colour profiles of jet-propelled aircraft designs produced in Nazi Germany during the Second World War.
Renowned aviation artist Daniel Uhr has brought the original German construction sketches and three-views to life like never before - offering a whole new perspective on images previously only seen as black and white line drawings.
Accompanying Danielís artworks is a full description of the competitions and requirements which produced such a huge number of innovative and unusual designs during the war, as well as descriptions of the designs themselves, written by historian Dan Sharp - author of the acclaimed Luftwaffe: Secret series - and based on the latest historical research.
Offering a host of different colour schemes and detailed notes, this is indispensible reading for enthusiasts and modellers alike.

I really enjoyed working with Daniel on this one. He spent countless hours creating all these beautiful new profile artworks and the end result is stunning!
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« Last post by robertino on December 07, 2018, 09:36:41 am »
such a list should be made to make it easier to find

 List of reference books by period or manufacturer: ----,19300.0.html
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« Last post by steelpillow on December 07, 2018, 09:09:29 am »
You're behind me in the queue, though. ;)

They also have RAF: Secret Jets so I got a copy of that while I was at it.  :)
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« Last post by athpilot on December 07, 2018, 09:00:12 am »

Thanks steelpillow!
I only saw this image in a google-search, but did not manage somehow to find it at classicmagazines...
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