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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Ilyushin Unbuilt Projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:11:53 am »
Il-12 with ACh-31 engines

Nice,and thanks.
Missile Projects / Re: Patriot SAM replacement
« Last post by bring_it_on on Today at 04:43:23 am »

As the world becomes more complex, the need is arising for a new radar. “You can’t just update or redesign an already fielded radar,” said Doug Burgess, program director for Raytheon’s LTAMDS solution.  “You really need something brand new if you want to defeat what’s coming down the pike."

That’s why Burgess and his team took a clean-sheet approach to Raytheon’s LTAMDS proposal.

“We started with two thoughts: What does the Army want, and what is the threat? And then we built a new radar around that,” he said.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Blohm&Voss BV40
« Last post by newsdeskdan on Today at 04:39:38 am »
The idea for launching BV 40s from a He 177 seems to have arisen in April 1944 and been discussed up to June 1944.

All the information about the BV 40 in connection with the He 177, use of the BT 700 and use of supplemental rocket motors comes from a single published source - Luftfahrt International Nr. 6 Nov-Dez 1974. The article it features on the BV 40 is reasonably comprehensive and lists 92 separate sources upon which it is based. In reality however, it's actually just one source - a single large bundle of letters, telegrams, reports and notes. See attached examples from said bundle.
Space Projects / Re: Stratolaunch
« Last post by steelpillow on Today at 04:37:00 am »
I think you are taking the suggestion that something might fail as a claim that it will.
In the case of the Millennium Bridge, the specification of the structural analysis software was prescribed by national engineering safety standards. However the standards did not recognise the particular failure mode that occurred and so the software did not check for it. That the mode was induced by pedestrians instinctively adjusting their step to the oscillations was pure coincidence from the structural point of view. The safety standards have since been updated to include the particular oscillatory mode and I understand this has happened globally.
Similarly, nobody is presuming that Stratolaunch have not done their job properly. But there remain those mathematically arbitrary conditions - the known unknowns - that one cannot model in advance. And the aerodynamic-inertial coupling of a large, heavy pod on a slim, wide wing is a biggie.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Early German Projects & Prototypes
« Last post by richard B on Today at 04:22:27 am »
Sorry , this is a copy only , and I didn't notice the source    :-[  , but it could be this old book :

Space Projects / Re: Dream Chaser for CEV requirement
« Last post by archipeppe on Today at 04:12:39 am »
The X-38 was similar - it had the shape of the old *piloted* HL-10, the cockpit "hump" still included, just not to change the overall shape too much.

The X-38 was actually based on the X-24A configuration, see, not the HL-10.

Absolutely correct, please see my artwork about the SV-5 development family tree.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Early German Projects & Prototypes
« Last post by AGO Scheer on Today at 03:03:29 am »
Hello Richard,
Short P.S.: Where was the upper photo printed? Looks like from a book or newspaper....
Space Projects / Re: Stratolaunch
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 02:50:57 am »
All fine and well but “arbitrary”?  This vehicle was designed from the outset to carry a large, heavy cylindrical mass under the center wing.   A presumption of malfeasance or incompetence is necessary to imply the principal design function will fail.  It will undoubtedly require fine tuning and validation but again, how do you presume aerodynamic, stress, and turbulence modelling was not rigorously conducted by the engineering staff during the design process?  Indeed, g-loads and vibration levels would have to be assessed because customers would require that information for their payloads.

I am not too familiar with the Millennium  Bridge.  I thought it was a curved pedestrian bridge and the design staff forgot about the pedestrians (shifting masses on balance and load).  I didn’t follow that story but I assume a finding of design failure would have resulted.  It is always possible for a company culture to go dysfunctional and allow a serious fault to get by.   In this country that would be followed by all kinds of lawsuits and possible bankruptcy.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Ilyushin Unbuilt Projects
« Last post by Stenda G on Today at 02:24:41 am »
Il-12 with ACh-31 engines
Hi Maverick

I have also done an intensive study into SAAF planes and I could not find anything before 1945, either.

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