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Missile Projects / Re: Standard Missile projects.
« Last post by bobbymike on Today at 02:14:47 am »
From Inside Defense

Navy looking to dramatically increase range, speed of SM-6 with larger rocket motor

The Defense Department has launched a prototype project that aims to dramatically increase the speed and range of the Navy's Standard Missile-6 by adding a larger rocket motor to the ship-launched weapon, a move that aims to improve both the offensive and defensive reach of the Raytheon-built system.
Aerospace / Re: Tempest - UK Future fighter programme
« Last post by kcran567 on Today at 12:28:58 am »

Looks like a Q-tip.

Going to need a good strong set of Longerons.
Missile Projects / Re: Standard Missile projects.
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 11:56:13 pm »
Reprogramming for SM-6 BLK 1B.
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Aviation Classics 26: Fw 190
« Last post by newsdeskdan on Yesterday at 11:46:30 pm »
Dan, perhaps I should emphasize that I am not super keen on projects, especially ones that never flew. So the apparent lack of projects in this bookazine is not actually a shortcoming. In fact, I find it amazing that in many books on the Fw 190, including Classic's multi-volume study, one will not find a thorough description of Fw's spinning characteristics. And it is, one of the most important aspects of handling of an aircraft. Yet, eye candy galores nearly every Fw 190 book.

While it's not a detailed engineering study, I would say that the performance characteristics of the Fw 190 get a reasonably objective description in AC 26. It includes the results of comparative tests where Fw 190s were pitted against the Spitfire Mk.Vb, Spitfire Mk.IX, Mustang 1A, P-38F, Typhoon, Spitfire XII, Corsair, Hellcat and Thunderbolt (and to a lesser degree against the Yak-3, Yak-9U, La-5FN and La-7). Hopefully AC 26 isn't short on eye candy either.
Space Projects / Re: Aerojet-General Sea Dragon
« Last post by Archibald on Yesterday at 11:20:07 pm »
Combustion instabilies would be the main difficulty. Also recovery, at least the way it was planned back then. Humongous parachutes and a drop in the ocean shall work.
Aerospace / Re: USAF plans F-15 modernization
« Last post by SpudmanWP on Yesterday at 10:40:34 pm »
The F-35 is coming off the line MUCH faster than the F-15 ever can.  It's also cheaper to fly (ie less CPFH) than the F-15E, let alone the F-15X.  Who is going to pay the Billions to develop the "X" version?  Don't forget to add those costs.
Propulsion / Re: GE XA100 and P&W XA101 AETP engines
« Last post by NeilChapman on Yesterday at 10:38:00 pm »
AETP may be splitting into two programs: F135 replacement and classified 6th-gen development.

That seems like it could be a good sign.  Perhaps PCA planning is far enough along that a divergence of the technology has been required.

Aerospace / Re: USAF plans F-15 modernization
« Last post by NeilChapman on Yesterday at 10:27:59 pm »
Why given that F-35A is cheaper & better?

Maybe 'better' is not the criteria.  Replacement rate may be important.
Perhaps because you can't get F-35's fast enough.  Full production is a way's off and that will be 15-17 per month.
As an aside, Boeing is only producing 2 F-18's per month and won't ramp up production rate for several more years.  Hard to get fast jet quantities where you want them with such low production rates.
F-15 is a known article.  Still a fantastic airplane. Great mods available. Less expensive to operate than an F-35.  New weapons and radar on a Mach II airplane might make it a nice, big, missile truck.  Would be nice to consider new capability for refueling from either AF or Navy's coming MQ-25.

US has F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22 and F-35.  One could make a good case to trim the mix.  Especially with the rapid growth in overall personnel costs.  Less platforms, less complication for maintainers and supply.  If PCA progress is moving along then perhaps it would make sense to dump the F-15C.  F-16's w/mods will jump from 8k to 12k hour service lives.  Upgrade F-16's instead.  But if India buys F-16's then production moves to India.  That might make you want to keep F-15 production going if PCA is behind.

Personally, I wouldn't expect the USAF to purchase new F-15's unless...on the off chance India selects F-16 and US wants to maintain another production line.

It might make more sense to accelerate PCA while pushing LM to increase F-35 production capacity and continue with NGJ and other upgraded munitions.
Aerospace / Re: USAF plans F-15 modernization
« Last post by SpudmanWP on Yesterday at 10:15:09 pm »
Has the F-22 beat anything in A2A combat?

No.. yet nobody doubts it's A2A prowess.
Aerospace / Re: USAF plans F-15 modernization
« Last post by Sundog on Yesterday at 09:50:07 pm »
It has beaten the F-15E in exercises too. 

Has the F-15E beaten the F-35 in combat? As that argument is something of a non-sequitur at the moment, as there are other aircraft that have beaten the F-15E in combat as well.
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