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Author Topic: Standard Missile projects.  (Read 48653 times)

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Re: Standard Missile projects.
« Reply #165 on: February 21, 2019, 08:24:21 pm »
From Inside Defense

RKV flunks review, MDA resetting program schedule and budget requirement

The Missile Defense Agency's effort to accelerate development of a new Ground-based Midcourse Defense kill vehicle -- a more than $2.6 billion project to deliver a reliable ballistic missile defense warhead to protect the United States from North Korean and potential Iranian threats -- suffered a setback when the Redesigned Kill Vehicle did not pass muster with a key design review last year.
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Re: Standard Missile projects.
« Reply #166 on: March 18, 2019, 02:56:40 pm »
This program leverages existing missile technology and advanced missile technology from the Phase 1A RPED rocket motor effort completing in FY 19. It aligns with
the STANDARD Missile roadmap and takes advantage of the Navy's investment in the AEGIS Weapon System (AWS). This missile will provide an extended range
capability for SM-6 and will be a key contributor to the protection of Joint U.S. Forces, in support of the 2018 National Defense Strategy. SM-6 Block IB addresses valid
Joint, Fleet, and Navy Urgent Operational Needs and existing, JROC-approved requirements.

The Accelerated Acquisition Board of Directors (AA BoD) met on 17 January 2018 and approved the designation of the SM-6 Block IB Phase IA as a Rapid Prototyping,
Experimentation and Demonstration (RPED) project. This designation acknowledged the requirement to expedite the development, acquisition and fielding of the SM-6
Block IB to Naval Forces. The AA BoD met 9 November 2018 and directed SM-6 BLKIB to commence All Up Round prototyping (Phase IB).
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