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Author Topic: NIIP Bars and Irbis series of radar for Su-30/Su-35  (Read 44370 times)

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Re: NIIP Bars and Irbis series of radar for Su-30/Su-35
« Reply #30 on: February 20, 2013, 07:03:57 am »
Relevant to the thread...

Last year, the flight trials involving the Su-35 fighter produced the unique aerial target acquisition results much more than 400 km!
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Re: NIIP Bars and Irbis series of radar for Su-30/Su-35
« Reply #31 on: September 09, 2017, 06:48:13 am »
Sorrry to brought this thread up. but no info. Anyway i think this is the most appropriate place to discuss.

We know that Irbis and Bars basically a "middle ground" between AESA dan PESA as Irbis and Bars have their receive module inside their antenna. Thus giving them shorter receive path (although longer transmit path) Thus less receiving loss.

One thing i wonder however is how to appropriately take above into account when attempting to model range for that kind of "Hybrid array" ?  Clearly treating them as conventional PESA array would be incorrect. However there are no real literature i found regarding on Hybrid array.

My conclusion for now however is that one should model the transmit loss the same way as conventional array. BUT The system temperature/Noise would be the same as AESA's.

According to Barton's literature (Radar Equations for Modern Radar) The noise temperature (The Kts) variable in radar includes the loss form the receiver.  Further Finding i found that For "Solid State Phased array radar" , the value for System temperature would be 400K While "True PESA" is 600K (probably to take account the phase shifter loss) while conventional array is 500K.