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Author Topic: Patriot SAM replacement  (Read 70319 times)

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Re: Patriot SAM replacement
« Reply #405 on: August 23, 2017, 02:33:51 am »
Any idea on AN/TPQ-53 array dimensions?

9.3 ft by 9.3 ft as per Kelvin Wong at Jane's IDR although I'm not sure since it does not appear to have equal sides..If you adjust for the FMTV width you get a height of 9.3 ft (based on reporting below) and a width of 7.5-7.8 ft. This makes sense and is quite close to where I could ballpark based on vehicle dimensions.

 Assuming that Lockheed offers a fully populated array based on the Q-53s size, the Patriot AESA array will be approximately 60% larger while the TPS-80 would be about 20% larger than it. It is however quite likely that Lockheed offers multiple sizes much like the AMDR, EL/M-2084, and Giraffe 4A/8A. An extended FMTV could be considered ( like on MEADS MFCR) allowing for a larger radar and associated equipment to be fitted.

The radar unit itself is 6.93 m long, 2.84 m wide,2.84 m tall, and weighs 8,889 kg.

Edit - Kelvin has now edited the article to reflect the  the correct dimensions -
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