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Author Topic: SDI Brilliant Pebbles  (Read 8115 times)

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Re: SDI Brilliant Pebbles
« Reply #15 on: May 28, 2017, 07:38:51 am »
Iím surprised there is so little interest in Brilliant Pebbles and push to resurrect the program.

It always seemed to me like an 80ís ideas that belongs in the 2020s: clouds of small, smart cheap components, machine learning, automation, high level of decentralization. If SpaceX, Blue Origin and the crowd of other new/old space fulfill expectations to bring down launch costs dramatically, itíll be much more affordable, and imaginable to put up the thousands of interceptor satellites needed. Miniaturization and A.I. has vastly improved, hugely so since the 80s when Brilliant Pebbles was conceived. Surely we can build much smaller, cheaper and thus populous interceptors? This has been a fashionable trend in satellite technology: SmallSats, CubeSats, Elon Musksís humungous internet satellite constellation.

I noticed the strategic use of "if" in your scenario...

Yeah, things might be a lot cheaper in this theoretical future. But it's never going to be really cheap. Take lots of relatively cheap components and now try to integrate them all. The integration requires a lot of software effort and a lot of people looking over all of that. It's not easy. And it won't be cheap.

Plus, we don't even know if this would work. It requires a lot of spacecraft covering a lot of territory and all connected into a warning and tracking system that might not behave as advertised.