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Author Topic: Franco-British Aviation (FBA) Aircraft List  (Read 298 times)

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Franco-British Aviation (FBA) Aircraft List
« on: February 10, 2019, 07:17:58 am »

Franco-British Aviation (usually known by its initials FBA) was an aircraft manufacturer of the early
20th century, headquartered in London and with its production facilities around Paris.Specialising
in seaplanes, it was established in 1913 by Louis Schreck and André Beaumont.

FBA-A    was a development of Donnet-Leveque Type A,as single engined recce seaplane
FBA-B    was an improvement FBA-A,as a single engined seaplane as a recce biplane
FBA-C    was the same FBA-B,but re-engined with 130 hp Clerget 9B rotary engine
FBA-D    was a two-seat cannon fighter biplane seaplane,powered by one 150 hp HS 8A engine
FBA-E    was unknown,maybe a Project,need confirm
FBA-F       ,,        ,,          ,,          ,,     ,need confirm
FBA-G      ,,        ,,          ,,           ,,    ,need confirm
FBA-Triplane    was a triplane flying boat of 1917,powered by one 300 hp Renault engine
FBA-High Seas    was a biplane high seas flying boat,powered by one 250 hp Hispano engine,1918
FBA-H    was the most numerous of this series,seaplane with 150 hp Isotta-Fraschini V-4-B
FBA-S    was a final wartime production with more improvements,as a seaplane recce aircraft
FBA-Impro S    was an improved version of Type-S,powered by one 275 hp Hispano engine,1918
FBA-10 or M-1   was a two or three seat amphibian seaplane,with 420 hp engine
FBA-11   was a two-seat training flying boat HE.2,powered by one 130 hp Clegret 9B engine
FBA-12   was a two-seat trainer flying boat HE.2,maybe a Project,need confirm
FBA-13   was a two-seat trainer flying boat HE.2,with basic dual control
FBA-14   was a two-seat trainer flying boat HE.2,it was based on FBA-11
FBA-15   ------?
FBA-16   was a two-seat trainer flying boat HE.2,powered by one 150 HS engine
FBA-17   was a two-seat trainer flying boat HE.2,developed in many categories,HT.2 two seat
              tourer,HMT.2 military seaplane,HMB.2 also a military seaplane,HT.4 a four-seat tourer,HMT.4
              a four-seat amphibian version,HL.1 & HL.2 recce seaplane with single and two seats and HMT.2
              amphibian version of Type-172
FBA-171   was a Type-17 with 230 hp Lorraine engine
FBA-172   was the same as Type-17,developed in three versions,HE.2,HTM.4 & HMT.2 with
              different engine kinds
FBA-18     was a tourer 300 hp HS engine amphibian,maybe a Project,need confirm
FBA-19     was a two-seat bombing flying boat,later developed into HMT.3,a three-seat bombing
              recce flying boat
FBA-20     ------?
FBA-21     was a 4/5 seat tourer and civil flying boat,appeared in four versions
FBA-22     ------?
FBA-23     was a touere flying boat,developed as a long distance version of Type-21
FBA-24,FBA-25 & FBA-26    ------?
FBA-270   was a two-seat experimental flying boat
FBA-271   was a two-seat amphibian experimental aircraft
FBA-280   ------?
FBA-290   was a four-seat amphibian tourer and VIP transport seaplane
FBA-291,FBA-292,FBA-293 & FBA-294    was improved versions of Type-290
FBA-300   ------?
FBA-310   was a 2/3 seats flying boat,powered by one 120 hp Lorrane engine
FBA-310/1   was an amphibian version
FBA-320   ------?
FBA-330   was a Project of early 1930s,no more details
FBA-340   ------?
FBA-350   was a 2/3 seats trainer flying boat Project

      any corrections or additions are welcome
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Re: Franco-British Aviation (FBA) Aircraft List
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I make a little change in FBA-18,which I found a small Info about it here;,15821.msg293435.html#msg293435