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Author Topic: Beriev Be-42PE  (Read 506 times)

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Beriev Be-42PE
« on: September 22, 2017, 08:41:37 pm »

The A-42PE patrol search and rescue amphibian in export version is developed for patrolling in sea and coastal zones. The aircraft is equipped with two D-27A turboprofan engines, 14000 h.p. takeoff power eoch of one PD-33AC booster engine, with power 5200 kg.
The aircraft is equipped with systems:

    "Sea Dragon" search-and-sighting system,
    ARIA-B integrated and flight and navigation system,
    airborne communication system.

Aircraft Performance
Wing span, m    41.62
Aircraft length,m    45.04
Aircraft height, m    11.07
Wing area, m2    200
Wheel base, m    14.835
Wheel track, m    5.71
Maximum take-off weight, kg    96000
Combat load:    
    - normal, kg    4000
    - maximum, kg    8500
Maximum speed (ISA, 8000m), km/h    770
Cruise speed (ISA, 8000m), km/h    650-710
Operatinal altitude, m    12000
Mission flight altitude, m    100-2000
Maximum range, km    11500
Base requirements    I class airfield, hydrodrome
Runway length requiered in ISA conditions, m    1800
    - Sea state    4-5
    - Wind wave hight, m    2
Crew    7
Radius action for antisubmarine warfare with normal combat load and 5% fuel reserve with sonar buoys deployment
(4 hours patrolling):    
    - without refueling, km    3500
    - with refueling, km    5000
    - with deployment of dipping sonar module
(12 hours patrolling while the amphibian is afloat), kg    4000