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Author Topic: targeting stealth aircraft at close range and AI in modern fighter aircraft  (Read 1111 times)

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At Red flag when Typhoons "shot down"  F-22 raptors at close range, are stealth aircraft like f-35/22 able to be tracked at such close ranges i.e.- dogfighting/WVR ranges, or do these 5th gen aircraft still give radars problems tracking at close range?

Also, another question , do modern aircraft with limited "AI" such as the Pakfa, Typhoon, F-22/35 have automatic targeting systems at close range to assist the pilot in dogfight engagements? I know the f-15 was tested with computer assisted gun system which was very effective even at maximum gun ranges- but pilots "objected to it"? The situation is probably different nowadays where aircraft are all but entirely flown by computers. Anybody have any real knowledge about this?
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