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Author Topic: Lockheed "The Defender" SDI poster  (Read 369 times)

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Lockheed "The Defender" SDI poster
« on: March 19, 2017, 09:27:59 am »
Lockheed "The Defender" SDI poster found on eBay.


Seller's description:

Up for auction is an incredible Advertising Poster from Lockheed Titled: "The Defender" by Louis De Latorre. Rare period original document for the REAL Star Wars. Shows a pair of "Killer Satellites" launching ICBM Intercept Missiles. A great reminder of the Cold War and Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars Bluff". It's fairly obvious from the design of the satellites that it was a concept and probably made for propaganda purposes. The "Earth" under the Sat's has no water or land masses, to insinuate a foreign planet. Defending against ICBM's launched from another planet seems so far fetched as to lend credence to the fact it was either propaganda or a concept. Poster measures 19" x 14". Haven't been able to find another one for comparison, so assuming they are rare. There is no publication date or any other publishing information besides "Lockheed, The Defender, and Louis De Latorre (facsimile artists sig in print)". It's safe to say it would be from the 1980's. See photos for actual item you will receive.