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Author Topic: 'Forum going downhill', etiquette and behaviour standards - please read!  (Read 7142 times)

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Re: 'Forum going downhill', etiquette and behaviour standards - please read!
« Reply #45 on: January 30, 2017, 05:27:06 am »
perhaps the line should be drawn re acceptable behaviour with 'project politics', of which I an sure we will all agree at times forms an important dimension re our interests, 'personal politics' and viewpoints however are subjective opinion and can be potentially perceived as irrelevant re the forum, and a form of 'baiting' if not deliberately offensive to those of differing views ?

remember folks, there are group members from many nationalities and cultures on our forum, we should try to be inclusive and hopefully 'neutral' re the 'politick', concentrating on the technologies and usage thereof, hopefully putting aside personal bias

cheers, Joe
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I've slowly evolved here. I try to read a lot more than I post. I owe a very great deal to the forum and it's amazing members. I've gone from curious to doing real research thanks to the support and help of members here.

 I know that I've been a little short and hyperbolic at times in the now distant past, but since my return I'm trying to be as contributive and not bring anything unnecessary to the table.

Because of the nature of my academic work my posts, even those with technical contribution or news citations, often comes with a little commentary, but I do try and keep it succinct and at the policy analysis or academic level. Mia culpa if I do so in a more relaxed writing style though.

I don't think the site is going down hill at all. Perhaps if one were forced to make a constructive observation that might be, as has been pointed out, that so much of the unbuilt projects side is so thoroughly researched and used that's it's become something of an archive. The current stuff in the military/Aerospace forum is where there's a little latitude, which I feel is appropriate. It should however remain as evidence based and with as much fact and analysis as possible and as little personal opinion as possible.

I think the self regulation on the forum is astonishing given the range of views, backgrounds, experiences and levels of knowledge that come together here.

I for one read for several years before feeling qualified to post and feel that the forum is going just fine, though at the moment I'm sticking to reading late cold war and current issue sections of the forum so there might be things I haven't stumbled across.

I for one am happy to be told when to tone it down if anything I say analysis or speculatively wise should be toned down or given a slap on the wrist by more senior members/moderators if I'm out of line. This forum is too valuable a resource and brain trust to be ruined, even if it means being repremanded myself.

Just my opinion, but I haven't seen anything here that's too disruptive. The better commentary and sources as well as a place to discuss broader issues, given the complex military environment that so many of the countries and programs we follow are now participating in, well it's a wonder things are as useful and informative as they are.

Again, I'd like to praise the forum, it's contributors and especially it's moderators and administrators. The fine line we walk on these issues has been handled with great aplomb.
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