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Author Topic: 2 NEW 1-48th STRATOSPHERE MODELS KITS AT SHAPEWAYS ! GTD-21 Booster & Dolly  (Read 2598 times)

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I have just UPLOADED 2 NEW MODELS ON SHAPEWAYS, directly available for 3D printing.


The FIRST KIT is the 1-48th Scale GTD-21 BOOSTER rocket. The model is hollow with thin skin to keep price low, and to keep the price competitive with RESIN KITS, the PRICE is about the same as my D-21 resin kit.

Because this one have a smooth skin surface, to keep things even more competitive i am making it available in Frosted Ultra Detail (which is much cheaper than the Extreme Detail resin, (which was unnecessary in this case as the model have a smooth surface). Just a coat of Tamiya spray filler, or perhaps the special XTC-3D spray filler some have tested on Shapeways prints and it will be perfect.

The 2ND KIT is the 1-48th DOLLY for the GTD-21 BOOSTER, so YOU CAN DISPLAY THE COMPLETE STACK: GTD-21 on top of Booster on top of Dolly ! :)

(No need to scratch-build a 1-48th scale B-52 !)

I am making the 2nd kit available in Frosted Extreme Detail due to fine details, at Shapeways BEST resolution of 16 microns.

So now you can build 2 different types of D-21 drone displays !

With the M-12 motherplane (using the Testors-Italeri SR-71/YF-12 kits)
Or with the the Stratosphere Models GTD-21 BOOSTER !

And you can build many variants thanks to the different extra resin parts i supply with the D-21:

GTD-21 with rocket booster mounted on the NEW DOLLY KIT dedicated to the booster !
GTD-21 with rocket booster alone (mount it on a sting on a base),
BOOSTER and DOLLY display alone (as seen in several factory photos).

D-21 A on the back of the M-12 (A-12 motherplane) with ceramic frangible nose and tail cones (several color variants exist, red, black, or white cones, as well as several variants of D-21 color schemes: titanium and black color scheme or all black D-21 color scheme.
Or D-21 on the back of the M-12 without jettisonable nose and tail cones.

The D-21 kit itself is available as a standard pressure cast polyurethane resin kit directly from me, with very thin wings and small surface details never before on previously made kits, as well as accurate top view wings shape.

Enjoy !
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