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Author Topic: Tupolev Tu‑160: Soviet Strike Force Spearhead  (Read 5184 times)

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Re: Tupolev Tu‑160: Soviet Strike Force Spearhead
« Reply #15 on: March 31, 2018, 06:18:31 pm »
There's a really authoritative Tu-160 book in Russian by Tupolev employees A. M. Zatuchny, V. Rigmant  and P. M. Sineokiy which is chock full of original Tupolev drawings and photos. Hopefully some of this information made it into Gordon's new book.

Pavel Sineokiy is a head of Polygon Press in fact

Typical. I checked on Zatuchny and Rigmant is the archivist.
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Re: Tupolev Tu‑160: Soviet Strike Force Spearhead
« Reply #16 on: April 16, 2018, 10:33:29 pm »
The book arrived.

Compared to "A. M. Zatuchny, V. Rigmant  and P. M. Sineokiy, Ed Polygon", true reference, "Gordon & Kmossarov, Ed Schiffer" is a hard contender. In my opinion, there's no alternative for those who can't read Russian.

The Schiffer book is a big volume, beautiful edited with lots of big pictures, many of it in colour. Unbuilt project enthusiasts will be delighted.

Chapter 1: the great contest (pag 9 to 52) Tupolev bid Tu-160IS, Tu-160M (first use) and Tu-160M VG variant, Sukhoi T-4MS, Myasishchev M-20 (about to 20 versions described and illustrated), M-18
Chapter 2: the bomber takes shape (pag 53 to 86): the different preliminay designs (1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6A, 6B, 7, 8A, 8B, 9, and 10) are shown in gorgeus detail from different desktop model photos and three view drawing
Chapter 5: versions and projects (pag 151 to 164): Tu-160PP (3 view drawing), Tu-160 NK74 engines, Tu-160M (second use), Tu-160V, Tu-160K (internal profile drawing), Tu-160SK (drawing and desktop models), Tu-160 civil registration (desktop model), Tu-160M Mid-life update (third use), Tu-160M2

I also like Chapter 6: Tu-160 in detail, Chapter 7: Tu-160 in service and Chapter 8: Blackjack vs Bone

Hopefully some of this information made it into Gordon's new book

Both books share a lot of common pictures. I can't tell about the text since I can't read Russian. But I see more projects and tables n the Polygon book because it tells the competition story from an earlier point in the timeline, including previous bomber designs to the official Tu-160 RFP, and ends with prospective follow on projects too. It's a pity to see considerable information amounts from Russian language literature lost in its English language adaptations.

There are also a great number of colour profiles showing aircraft markings and curious and artistical photos which benefit from the unique nature and dimensions of the aircraft.
The large format and paper quality of the volume contribute to a great extent.

I think I left nothing to say. I strongly recommend it.
Note that the same authors of the Polygon book also do an equally good and comprehensive book on the Tu-95/-114/-142/-95MC family of aircraft.  I received both of those books today in a real "doorstop" of a package. ;)
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