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Author Topic: Ilyushin Il-16  (Read 7595 times)

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Re: Ilyushin Il-16
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"The high flight and tactical data of the Il-10 attack aircraft, its ability to conduct an active air battle in the WWII fronts during the period of taking up arms and fighting at the WWII fronts, determined the beginning of design works for an even faster and maneuverable IL-16 light - attack aircraft that turned around In 1944, almost immediately after the completion of the state tests of Il-10.

 The Il-16 attack aircraft was designed for a new liquid-cooled engine M-43NV with a takeoff power of 1691 kW (2300 hp), created in the design bureau of AA Mikulin.  In terms of its design, aerodynamic and structural layout, the IL-16 was almost identical with the IL-10, but it had slightly smaller geometric dimensions and mass compared to it.  In combination with a more powerful engine, this was to provide the new attack aircraft with a maximum design speed of 625 km / h.  The strength of the design of the Il-16 aircraft allowed him to perform all the aerobatics figures. "

"In early 1945, the serial plant completed the construction of an experimental Il-16 aircraft, and test pilot VK Kokkinaki made the first flight there.  It turned out that with such a powerful engine, the reactive torque of the propeller and the short tail strongly affect the longitudinal stability of the aircraft. To improve it, the detachable tail section of the fuselage was extended by 500 mm, the area of ​​the vertical tail was increased, and the trimmer was placed on the rudder.  The modified aircraft has become more stable in the air and better controlled.  Nevertheless, the IL-16 flight tests were delayed due to the shortcomings of the M-43NV engine.  To bring the engine M-43NB to the required state failed, and in the summer of 1946 p.  Work on the IL-16 aircraft ceased. "
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