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Author Topic: Towards the One-Eleven - Hunting Aircraft & BAC projects  (Read 6516 times)

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Re: Towards the One-Eleven - Hunting Aircraft & BAC projects
« Reply #15 on: September 25, 2017, 07:32:45 pm »
The origins of the One-Eleven go back to the Hunting Aircraft H.I07 airliner design of the late 1950's. Of similar shape to the eventual One-Eleven, it was to carry 48/56 passengers, being powered by two 7,000 lb thrust Bristol Orpheus sets. In 1960 Hunting Aircraft became part of the British Aircraft Corporation, the proposed airliner became the BAC.107, being enlarged to emerge as the BAC.111. Now a 79 seat, short range airliner with two 10,400 Ib thrust Rolls Royce Speys, it was to be the successor to the Vickers Viscount of the 1950's. Production was undertaken at Bournemouth, where the prototype flew on 26th August 1963. followed by Series 200 aircraft for British United, Aer Lingus, Braniff and British Eagle, and the more powerful Series 400 for American Airlines. Sales to the United States were to be large dollar earners, and for many years the One-Eleven was the largest ever export earning airliner for Great Britain. At home the One-Eleven was frequently used for IT holiday flights to the Mediterranean, and by the late 1960's had helped changed British holiday ideas - no longer an inconvenient flight in an old propellor aircraft, but the latest jet carrying you to the sun. Overseas sales saw the One-Eleven operating around the world.